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    20/20 Imaging Digital Upgrade CFP-C 17" x 17" Fixed Flat Panel with Cesium Plates

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    CFP-C 20/20 CFP-C CHIROPRACTIC Direct Digital Imaging System

    • Revolutionary 17"x17" Fixed Flat Panel with Cesium Plates
    • "Point, Click & View" Process > 300 Images per Hour
    • 12 Bit High Quality Image Transfer Interface
    • Advanced Image Processing - Artifact Free & Consistent High Image Quality

    DELL Precision 3420 Mini-PACS/Standard Resolution Diagnostic Viewer Workstation

    • Opal-Chiro DICOM Image Acquire and QC Software
    • Opal-Chiro Analysis and Diagnostic Software
    • Window Level, Magnify, Zoom, Rotate, Tools include Cobb Angle and Measurements Georges's Line, Adv. Orthogonal, & Gonstead
    • Windows 10 Operating System
    • Intel Core i5-6500 Processor Quad Core, 3.26GHz Turbo, 6MB Graphics
    • 2x 1TB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive Raid 1 Config.
    • Tower Case
    • 8GB 2133MHz DDR4 for Precision Workstations 
    • 23" DELL 2MP LED Flat Panel Hi-RES Monitor
    • Onboard Intel DVMT Video Card
    • CDRW Drive
    • Integrated Ethernet Controller and 56k Modem 
    • 600VA Uninterruptible Power Supply
    • USB 2.0 Interface
    • Integrates to all DICOM Compatible PACS Software

    Opal-Rad Server Package (software/hardware upgrades)

    • Allows access to patient images from 2 CC WEB in-office locations
    • Opal-Chiro Analysis and Diagnostic Software
    • Window Level, Magnify, Zoom, Rotate,
    • Tools include OPAL Chiro

    Manual Full Spine Stitching software

    UGRIDCAB2.5 Universal Detector Grid Cabinet

    • Retrofit Add-On to Existing Upright Structure (specific to OEM mounting hole pattern)
    • Aluminum Encased Grid w/Overlay 17x17 10:1, 103 LPI, 40-72 focal distance
    • Custom Detector/Grid Cabinet Overlay


    DR Sensor and Software

    • 5 Year Parts/Labor with a 5 Years software support
    • Remote Phone and Internet Communication
    • Sensor Replacement Program: If sensor panel can not be repaired remotely, a loaner will be sent out to arrive at 10:00am next business day.
    • Customer supplied internet access is required prior to system install for remote diagnostics.

    Computer Components 

    • 36 Months Parts
    • 12 Months On-Site Support

    Pricing Includes: Shipping, onsite installation and applications training.

    Pricing Does not Include: Sales tax, electrical, internet connections or cabling between computers.

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