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Iontophoresis Patches - Iontophoresis Electrodes, Machines & Delivery Devices

When you need iontophoresis machines and electrode accessories for electrotherapy, check out ScripHessco. We offer the iontophoresis machines and electrode accessories you need at a price you can afford. Our selection includes the Chattanooga Ionto Iontophoresis System, Rich-Mar ID 3 Single Channel Iontophoresis Delivery Device and Ionto Plus HP Electrodes.

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  1. IontoPatch® Electrodes IontoPatch® Electrodes by Travanti Medical®
    $58.89 - $74.79
  2. ActivaTek™ ActivaPatch® Iontophoresis Electrode ActivaPatch® IntelliDose™ 2.5 - Iontophoresis Electrode Patch - 6/Box
  3. Norco™ Buffered Iontophoresis Delivery Kit Norco™ Buffered Iontophoresis Delivery Kit
    $112.39 - $114.69
  4. Ionto Plus HP Electrodes Ionto4 Iontophoresis Electrodes - 12/box
  5. Trivarion Iontophoresis Electrode 12/Pack Trivarion Iontophoresis Electrodes - 12/box
    $110.99 - $136.29
  6. Iogel Disposable Electrodes, 12 Treatments/Box IOGEL Iontophoresis Disposable Electrodes, 12 Treatments/Box
  7. Activa Dose II Contoller Ionto Device ActivaDose® II Iontophoresis Controller & Delivery Device
    Please for professional pricing
    2  Reviews
  8. Activapatch Ionto (6) ActivaPatch® IontoGo™
    $62.49 - $87.99
  9. Optima Disposable Electrodes, 12 Treatments/Box Optima Disposable Electrodes - Iontophoresis Electrodes - 12/box
    $123.89 - $125.09
  10. Iomed® TransQE Iontophoresis Electrodes, Small - 12/Pk. Iomed® TransQE Iontophoresis Electrodes, Small - 12/Pk.
  11. Ionto4 Iontophoresis Butterfly Contour Electrodes - Package of 12 Electrodes, 2.0cc Ionto4 Iontophoresis Butterfly Contour Electrodes - Package of 12 Electrodes, 2.0cc
  12. Chattanooga® I-Bresis™ Patch Chattanooga® I-Bresis™ Patch
  13. Iomed® TransQE Iontophoresis Electrodes, Medium - 12/Pk. Iomed® TransQE® Iontophoresis Electrodes, Medium - 12/pk.
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I don't know what we would have done if we had not had ScripHessco as our supplier. From the days before opening until now, they have been here for us. The promptness of your services have been fantastic. The array of products is phenomenal and the great pricing you just can't beat. I want to say a great big "thank you" to Brenda as well she has been the best rep that anyone could ever ask to have call on an office. She is so knowledgeable and has the expertise to help you through from opening to anytime you may need her.

Dr. Roby Taylor Myers, Owner & Lead Chiropractor at East Coast Elite Chiropractic-Sports Performance & Rehab

I appreciate all the support over the last 2 years while setting up my new practice. I have had successful results with over 90-95% of my patients with disc injuries/ neck/ back pain in utilizing the DTS table as a stand alone treatment. I will be honest- it was a tough decision initially because of the financial investment/ commitment while I was starting practice. I am glad that I decided to integrate the DTS into my practice from the start because of the referrals and the wonderful response from my patients. Thanks again for all your help over the last 2 years and continued support.

Dr. Michael Sobran

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What exactly is iontophoresis?

Iontophoresis is a non-invasive and pain-free method for delivering drugs through the skin and is used by medical professionals as an alternative to injections. This method delivers the drugs via electrode iontophoresis patches that contour to most anatomical treatment areas and a controller and delivery device that can only be purchased by licensed healthcare professionals.

How does iontophoresis work?

Positively charged water-soluble medication is applied on a positively charged iontophoresis patch and negatively charged medication on a negatively charged electrode, following the principle that opposite charges attract each other, while like charges repel each other. This way, the medicine ions will be repelled by the electrode and forced through the patient's skin barrier, easily delivering the drugs right into the affected area, without any pain.

What is iontophoresis used for?

While it is a popular way to treat excessive sweating, when it comes to physical therapy, electrode iontophoresis is mostly used to reduce pain and decrease inflammation associated with tennis elbow, rotator cuff tendinitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and plantar fasciitis. It is used with dexamethasone to control inflammation, sodium chloride to treat scar tissue, and calcium chloride or magnesium sulfate to decrease muscle spasms. Iontophoresis patches should not be used by pregnant women or persons having cardiac arrhythmia, pacemakers, or skin rashes and diseases.

How effective is iontophoresis treatment?

Transdermal medication delivery via iontophoresis has proven efficient in pain management while employing smaller doses of medication than other ways of administration would require. This not only offers relief without any procedural discomfort but also decreases the chance of adverse side effects.

Does iontophoresis hurt?

Iontophoresis is very safe and does not hurt. The only sensation the patient can expect is a mild tingling while the electrical current delivers the medication. Although it is not painful, the skin where the patch is applied can become red, especially for patches that have to be kept on for up to 24 hours. This redness should cause no concern, but rashes or skin breakdowns must be reported to therapists.

How do I use iontophoresis patches?

In a clinical setting, the physical therapist determines the medication to be delivered via iontophoresis and places it on a special clinical patch. The skin covering the target area needs to be cleaned before applying the iontophoresis patch. Once everything is in place, a low electrical current is applied for about 3 minutes to break the resistance of the skin. The patch remains attached for the next 8 to 24 hours, according to the therapist's recommendation.

The take-home form of iontophoresis is even more convenient as it has a built-in battery that does not require any clinician to apply current with an iontophoresis machine. To use this convenient IontoPatch® at home, you must first prepare the skin by trimming the hair, cleaning the area with soap and water, and drying it thoroughly. Make sure you do not use alcohol wipes before applying such iontophoresis patches. There are cases where the manufacturer recommends it, but IontoPatch® is not one of them.

The next step is filling the electrode with the prescribed medication and the opposite electrode with about 1 ml of saline solution, starting at the center of the pad. Remove the backing of the iontophoresis patch and place it with the medication electrode directly over the painful site. Secure the edges of the patch without pressing on the center of the electrodes. Keep it on as the drugs will be slowly and continuously delivered over the next several hours.

Where can I buy iontophoresis patches and other iontophoresis equipment? offers iontophoresis machines and electrode accessories for professionals, as well as several types, shapes, and sizes of iontophoresis patches for home use. Don't miss out on the Norco™ buffered iontophoresis delivery kit which contains 12 individual treatment sessions made of hypoallergenic materials. They are comfortable and can be used with most powered delivery devices.