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    Chiropractic Adjusting Tools & Adjustment Instruments

    Backed by decades of research, our line of hand-held adjusting tools is safe and effective. Adjustable controls allow the right amount of force to be exerted. Features include finger and palm pads, ergonomic handles and finger grips, and portability. Lightweight, our hand-held units provide the utmost in precision and control.

    C.A.T.® Pro Select Adjustment Tool
    Activator Adjusting Tool with Palm and Finger PadsSale
    Replacement Tips For Activator Adjusting Instruments
    Finger Pad For Activator Adjusting Instruments
    C.A.T. Chiropractic Adjusting Tool, Black
    Extra Tip For C.A.T. Adjusting Tool
    Palm Pad For Activator Adjusting Instruments
    T-Wedge 2 For Anteriorities Adjusting Aid
    Activator® II Chiropractic Adjustment Instrument
    Activator® II EZ-Grip Adjusting Tool - Chiropractor Adjustment Instrument
    Activator® IV Adjusting Instrument Tool & Chiropractic Adjustment Instrument
     Activator® IV EZ-Grip Adjusting Instrument Tool
    Holster For Activator I Adjusting Instrument
     Activator V - Chiropractic Adjusting Instrument & Adjustment Tool
    Ultralign G2 Adjusting Instrument
    As low as $21,999.00
    Ultralign X Adjusting Instrument
    As low as $24,999.00
    Holster For C.A.T. Adjusting Tool (Black)
    Cervical Tip For C.A.T. Adjusting Tool
    36 Hour Performance HealthRehab Certificate Course
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