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The specially designed formulas in our hand cleansers kill 99. 99 percent of common germs. Made with moisturizers and a fresh, clean scent, our sanitizers provide a safe, healthy way to practice good hygiene. Touchless dispensers are available for added cleanliness.

Get Wholesale Quantities of Hand Sanitizer

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, hand sanitizer gel has been difficult to find. You may have searched store shelves high and low without any results. When supplies did trickle in to retail stores, many of them vastly increased the price of small bottles of the products. Buying wholesale antibacterial hand sanitizer offers many benefits for your health and your budget.

When to Use Hand Sanitizer

Whenever you leave home and touch surfaces that other people have touched, it is imperative to wash your hands. All kinds of germs can be spread through contaminated surfaces.

Health experts theorize that one way COVID-19 can be spread is when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The droplets from the cough or sneeze are mostly airborne, but some are heavy enough to settle onto surfaces. You touch the surface, then you infect yourself. This is also true for influenza, the common cold and other illnesses.

When there is no way to wash your hands with soap and water, hand sanitizer is a smart choice. Ideal times to use hand sanitizer include after handling a credit or debit card payment kiosk, shopping cart or an electronic pen. You should also use hand sanitizer after touching cash, screens, doorknobs, and door handles.

How to Effectively Use Hand Sanitizer

To effectively use hand sanitizer, squeeze a blob about the size of a penny onto your palm. Vigorously rub it all over the palms and backs of your hands and fingers. Do not forget the areas between your fingers. Allow the hand sanitizer to dry on your skin for 30 seconds before touching anything.

Types of Hand Sanitizer Available From ScripHessco.com

We offer many types of hand sanitizer. The EarthLite liquid spray comes in large jugs and has no scent, making it a good choice for sensitive individuals. Amber green tea mint hand sanitizer includes moisturizers and essential oils for skin health. Koala is another bulk hand sanitizer that is unscented and available in 1-gallon jugs.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Hand Sanitizer

With a bulk quantity of hand sanitizer, you can fill your own smaller travel bottles to take with you. If you operate a business, economies of scale make bulk purchasing a good choice. Many states are requiring businesses to provide hand sanitizer for employees and customers, so buying wholesale helps you remain compliant with current regulations.

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    Amber Green Mint Hand Sanitizer - 64 oz - Case pack of 6 Amber Green Mint Hand Sanitizer - 64 oz - Case pack of 6
    $268.59 $383.70
  2. New
    G&Y Antibacterial Hand Wipes G&Y Antibacterial Hand Wipes
  3. New
    Aroma Essentials by SOi -  Liquid Hand Sanitizer Aroma Essentials by SOi - Liquid Hand Sanitizer
    $10.00 - $39.99
  4. New
    EarthLite® Hand Sanitizer Liquid Spray - Unscented EarthLite® Hand Sanitizer Liquid Spray - Unscented
    $7.95 - $44.95
  5. Face Shield Direct Splash Protection Face Shield Direct Splash Protection
  6. New
    KN95 Face Mask - Single Use KN95 Face Mask - Single Use
  7. Hydrox Instant Hand Sanitizer – 4 oz Hydrox Instant Hand Sanitizer – 4 oz
  8. GiGi Hand Sanitizer GiGi Hand Sanitizer
  9. McCauley's Hand Soap McCauley's Hand Soap
  10. Sale
    Amber Green Tea Mint Hand Sanitizer Amber Green Tea Mint Hand Sanitizer
    $5.95 - $125.95
    1  Review
  11. Disposable 3-ply Face Mask with Ear Loop Blue - Pack of 50 Disposable 3-ply Face Mask with Ear Loop Blue - Pack of 50
  12. Sale
    Theraworx Protect Wipes Theraworx® Protect Wipes
    $4.60 - $9.02
    $2.76 - $9.02
  13. Theraworx Protect Foam And Spray Theraworx Protect® Foam And Spray
    $8.91 - $20.78
  14.  Clearly Natural 32 Oz. Hand Soap - Unscented Clearly Naturals Essentials Glycerin Liquid Hand Soap - 32 oz. Unscented
  15. Cramer Iso-Quin Gallon Cramer® Iso-Quin® Hand Sanitizer - Gallon Size
  16. Purell Hand Sanitizer 33.8 Oz Refill Purell Hand Sanitizer 33.8 Oz Refill
  17. Saniwash® Antimicrobial Hand Wash Saniwash® Antimicrobial Hand Wash & Hand Soap
    $10.99 - $33.49

17 Items

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Hand Cleansers

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