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    Soothing Touch Massage Products

    Soothing Touch, founded in 1977 and located in Santa Fe, NM, is a family-owned company that is totally paraben-free and also is a certified organic manufacturing facility. They manufacture organic and non-organic products hand batched in small quantities and made daily to insure freshness. Soothing Touch offers a wide range of products, many based on Ayurvedic formulas. You are sure to find the perfect therapeutic solution for all kinds of massage and bodywork in their selection. Well-known among Massage Therapists and highly regarded by spas for their signature smoothness, Soothing Touch products contain high quality ingredients that leave a lasting impression on the skin. The Soothing Touch complete line reflects their dedication to quality and diversified selection that includes Massage Creams, Oils and Lotions and also bodycare products like Organic Salt and Sugar Scrubs, 100% Petroleum Free topical pain relief Oils, Balms and Gels, Vegan Lip Balms, Bath Salts and much more. Soothing Touch Massage Creams, Lotions, and Oils offer a deeply moisturizing, long lasting glide that is enhanced with herbal infusions and essential oils and easy to clean up. Shop for Soothing Touch oils, creams, lotions and more.

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    Soothing Touch Jojoba Massage Success Kit
    Soothing Touch Spa Success Kit
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