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    Electrotherapy & TENS Unit Leads, Cords & Adapters

    We are proud to offer a variety of electrotherapy cords, plugs and adapters. Our cords, plugs and adapters will help you to continue with your electrotherapy practice. TENS unit Lead, electrotherapy wires, electrotherapy cords, electrotherapy adapters, lead wires, connectors, sponges, kits for recharging batteries and other accessories can all be found on ScripHessco at a price you can afford.

    Tens Unit Lead Wires - Shielded Round Connector
    Amrex Muscle Stims Cord
    Quattro 2 or 2.5 Lead Wires
    Banana To Pin Electrotherapy Adapter, Black
    Standard Lead Wires, Standard 45" Long
    Lead Wires for Intensity EX4
    Banana To Pin Adapter, Red
    Lead Wires For Intelect Legend Series Units, Channels 1 & 2
    Pads With Sponges
    As low as $14.49
    Pin To Banana Adapter, Black
    Lead Wires For Mettler Tens Units
    Bifurcated Leads
    As low as $11.79
    Banana To Pin Adapter For Amrex
    Stereo Phone Plug To 3 Pin Din
    Lead Wires for Intelect Legend Series Muscle Stimulator Units, Channels 3 & 4
    Pin Plug To Snap On Lead Adapter
    Mettler Replacement Cord Set
    Pin To Banana Adapter, Red
    Pin To Pin Lead Wires
    Banana To Pin Adapter For Amrex Units, Red
    Mono Phone Plug To 3 Pin Din
    Lead Wire For Biostim Lx Set Of 2
    Mettler Electronics Universal Applicator Cable
    3Rd Gen Tens Leadwires Flat Pin To 2 Pins, 2/Pkg
    Dynatron Pin To Banana Adaptor
    Cord Amrex Single Banana To 90Deg Banana Black
    Lead Wires For Amrex Advanteq 2000 Tens Unit
    Wall Bracket For 716 & 225 For Mettler Sonicator
    Patient Data Cards For Chattanooga Therapy Systems & Traction Devices
    Operator Remote Control Channels 1 & 2 For Intelect Legend Xt
    Operator Remote Control Channels 3 & 4 For Intelect Legend Xt
    White Lead Cord For Mettler Trio*Stim
    Electrode Cable For Sonicator Plus 940
    Optional High Voltage Probe For Sonicator Plus 940
    Mettler 212 Lead Wires
    Chiro Rocks Reno
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