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    Chiropractors are often the doctors of choice for relieving short- and long-term medical issues and for helping patients feel better about themselves. As such, they require a proven brand capable of meeting the unique needs of today’s healthcare market. With Scrip Hessco, chiropractors have immediate access to a wider range of chiropractic supplies, tools, equipment, tables and therapeutic massage offerings that can drive partnerships and new services for every practice, everywhere. Finding quality chiropractic tables can be a daunting task. ScripHessco has a variety of quality tables so whatever type of chiropractic table you are looking for, chances are that we have it. We carry adjusting benches, elevation tables, flexion distraction table, portable tables, stationary drop tables, table accessories, exam tables, tilt tables and more. ScripHessco has been providing health care professionals with quality chiropractic tables and other chiropractic equipment for over 40 years.