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    Chattanooga Medical Supplies

    Chattanooga Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of rehabilitation equipment for treating skeletal, muscular, neurological and soft tissue disorders. Renowned for engineering excellence, our products contribute to better treatment outcomes in hospitals, clinics and home settings worldwide. We lead the industry by example, innovating continuously, providing real-world solutions for clinicians and their patients.

     ScripHessco Ultrasound Gel
    Hydrocollator Heating Unit - E-1
    Chatta Intelect Legend Xt 4 Channel Combo W/Cart
    Chattanooga Intelect Transport Combo Unit
    Flexipac Compress White 5X10
    Flexipac Compress White 8 X 14
    Chattanooga Ultrasound Gel 5L
    Lead Wires For Intelect Legend Series Units, Channels 1 & 2
    Intelect TENS Unit With Timer
    Pin To Pin Lead Wires
    Lead Wires for Intelect Legend Series Muscle Stimulator Units, Channels 3 & 4
    Quikwrap Dts Belt System For Trt-600
    Non-Electric Stainless Steel Bottle Warmer
    Hydrocollator Heating Unit - E-2
    Chattanooga Intelect Transport Ultrasound Unit
    Heating Element E1,E2,Ss2,M2 Hydrocollators
    Pron Pillow
    Quick Wrap Deluxe Universal Belt System
    Chattanooga Intelect Legend Xt 4 Channel Combo
    9 Diode Probe 1040 Mw For Vectra Genisys Laser
    Chatta Intelect Legend Xt 4 Channel Stim W/Cart
    Chattanooga Laser Protective Eyewear
    Chattanooga Intelect Legend Xt 2 Chanel Combo
    Operator Remote Control Channels 1 & 2 For Intelect Legend Xt
    Operator Remote Control Channels 3 & 4 For Intelect Legend Xt
    Stabilizer Pressure Biofeedback Unit
    Chattanooga Mobile Traction Stand
    Chiro Rocks Reno
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