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    Lloyd 402 Flexion-Elevation Table - Chiropractic Distraction Table

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    Lloyd 402 Flexion-Elevation Table

    Get precise and guaranteed results with the remarkable controls offered through the Lloyd 402 Flexion-Elevation Table. This is a hydraulically controlled unit that ensures that a physician or chiropractor does not struggle to make the adjustments necessary. This guarantees the very best results no matter the weight or the size of the patient. With its manual flexion and distraction as well as lateral bending and powered axial extension and retraction at the pelvis, this table is a remarkably reliable and durable solution. It has a long list of optional features available to make sure it can be a customized patient solution.

    Standard Features:

    • Hydraulically controlled Elevation
    • Offers a more effective and comfortable way of adjusting
    • Tilting headpiece with add-on paper attachment
    • One piece adjustable chest
    • Manual Flexion/Distraction
    • Lateral bending
    • Powered Axial Extension/Retraction of pelvic section
    • Adjustable Ankle Rest (horizontal) with ankle straps
    • Incredible height range of 19.5” to 39” in 9 seconds
    • Length: 62" - 73"
    • Cushion width : 21"
    • Table width : 22"
    • Weight capacity: 600 lbs
    • Table weight: 240 lbs
    • Limited 3 year warranty on parts
    Optional Features:
    • Lloyd's superior designed auto and manual cocking drops
    • Manual and automatic drop ankle
    • Electronic Height Adjustment (EHA)
    • Automatic Pelvic Flexion Distraction
    • Automatic Axial Distraction
    • Pelvic rotation
    • Grab bar
    • Rotating chest lumbar with breakaway
    • Retractable flexion T-BAR
    • Angled T-Bar
    • Snap-on covers
    • Total dimension flexion headpiece
    • Auto Flexion (additional $1,700.00)
    • Manual Pelvic Drop (additional $1,125.00)




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