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TheraPro Foot Roller Massager

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TheraPro Foot Roller Massager

Roll on the sole of the foot to increase your circulation, relieve tension, relax foot muscles & revitalize the body. This reflexology tool activates pressure points releasing healing energy to regenerate the feet and benefit the whole body. The Foot Roller massages and soothes sore and tired feet, stimulates circulation and makes the entire body feel good. Measures approximately 5.5" long and 1" in diameter.

  • All Natural Wood
  • Place your foot on the Massage Roller and roll your foot from the back of you heel to the front of your toes and back again with a comfortable amount of pressure. Keep a steady, but not fast pace while rolling massager along each foot. Then place your other foot on the Foot Roller and repeat the process. About 40 to 60 seconds on each foot will give a therapeutic response. You may repeat the process as many times as you like.
Recommended Use:
  • If you use the Foot Roller while standing you place more pressure on your foot stretching the muscles more fully. Try and keep the Foot Roller under your foot and do not move the leg too far forward or backward to avoid letting the roller slip out. Hard surfaces, such as wood or laminate, may cause the Foot Roller to slip. For the necessary traction, use the Foot Roller on carpet or a non-slip mat.




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