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Synchrosonic US/54 Combination Ultrasound 4 Pad Low Volt Stimulator

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SynchroSonic US/54 Combination Ultrasound 4 Pad Low Volt Stimulator

Combination therapy plays an important role in today's modern practice. It allows for the expansion of treatment capabilities by combining therapeutic ultrasound with low volt muscle stimulation. It enables the practitioner to take full advantage of the thermal effect of ultrasound in combination with the analgesic effect of stimulation.

The SynchroSonic US/54 is a versatile combination unit that provides muscle stimulation with four pad application and therapeutic ultrasound. Each modality may be used independently or in combination through the lightweight ultrasound transducer. The custom designed transducer is available with standard size faceplate and/or small size faceplate and features a protection switch and cable fault alarm system. The optional QuickConnect Transducer Cable System allows the practitioner to replace the transducer cable on site.

The US/54 also features the patient treatment stop switch. Designed to promote patient assurance, the treatment stop switch allows the patient to discontinue stimulator output at the press of a button.

Ultrasound Features

  • Transducer protection switch
  • Variable interrupted output mode
  • Transducer sealed for underwater therapy
  • Optional small transducer with "QuickConnect" cable

Stimulator Features

  • Can be applied through transducer for combination therapy
  • 1-80 pulses per second
  • 4 pad stimulator
  • Reciprocal mode
  • Dual intensity controls
  • Variable surge mode
  • Reset circuit
  • Two-year warranty - generator
  • One-year warranty - transducer
  • CSA approved

*This item must be ordered by a licensed healthcare professional.




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