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    Catella LA Clinical Imaging Line Analysis Program

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    Catella LA Clinical Imaging Line Analysis Program

    Catella LA, a Clinical Imaging Line Analysis Program, provides a cost-effective answer. Whether you have DICOM or JPG images you can import images into the program. Using the interactive guide, click on key landmarks and your analysis will be displayed on the screen. The program highlights findings outside of the norm. Even the more complex techniques can be completed in less than one minute. Once completed, lines and points can easily be moved to make any necessary alterations. Catella LA includes over 50 line wizards:

    Skull: Vastine-Kinney Method of Pineal Gland Localization, Sella Turcica Size,

    Basilar Angle, Cervical Spine: Atlantodental Interspace (ADI), Method of Bull, George’s Line, Posterior Cervical Line, Sagittal Dimension of the Cervical Spinal Canal, Cervical Gravity Line, Cervical Lordosis (Angle of the Cervical Curve, Depth Measurement, and Method of Jochumsen), Stress Lines of the Cervical Spine (Flexion and Extension), Prevertebral Soft Tissues, Cobb’s Method of Scoliosis Evaluation, Thoracic Kyphosis, Thoracic Cage Dimension

    Lumbar Spine: Intervertebral Disc Height (Hurxthal’s and Farfan Methods), Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Angles, Lumbar Lordosis, Lumbosacral Lordosis Angle, Sacral Inclination, Lumbosacral Angle and Disc Angle, Lumbar GravityLine, Lateral-Bending Sign, Meyerding’s Grading Method in Spondylolisthesis, Ullmann’s Line, Eisenstein’s Method for Sagittal Canal Measurement, Intercrestal Line

    Lower Extremity: Teardrop Distance, Hip Joint Space Width, Acetabular Depth, Center-Edge Angle, Symphysis Pubis Width, Presacral Space, Acetabular Angle, Iliac Angle and Index, Measurements of Protrusio Acetabuli, Femoral Angle, Skinner’s Line, Axial Relationships of Knee

    Specials: Gonstead Measurements, Cervical Curve

    Catella LA is comprised of four software components: Worklist/Archive, Line Analysis Workstation, Reporting and Print Screens. While not intended to be a full PACS system, this software can substitute for that purpose.




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