Vasyli Medical Online Course and Practical Workshop

This online course will present a foundational understanding of lower limb biomechanics and is a prerequisite to attending the continuing education workshops on practical orthotic therapy. To get the most from this educational offering, we request that you fulfill the online course requirement within 30 days prior to attending a workshop. This online course content, together with the practical workshop instruction has been accredited for 8 CEU’s in most states.


This is completed after the prerequisite (Online Course).

Upon completion of this workshop, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the function of the subtalar joint and its normal functional path
  • Identify abnormal pathology leading to poor STJ function
  • Successfully plan course of treatment for poor STJ function
  • Identify midtarsal joint function and malfunction
  • Successfully plan course of treatment for poor midtarsal joint function
  • Evaluation and treatment of forefoot mechanics
  • Treatment protocols for forefoot conditions
  • Identify and evaluate 1st ray function and malfunction with emphasis on functional hallux limitus
  • Successfully identify the key conditions that stem from poor biomechanical function and appropriate treatment protocols to enhance patient's outcomes
  • Selection and application of best orthotic device for patient based on functional evaluation, weight, activity and preferred footwear type
  • Appropriately post the orthotic device based on alignment, compliance and condition
  • Successful end to end Implementation of an orthotic program into the patient's treatment plan


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