Our modern lives often require us to spend extended amounts of time sitting and working in repetitive positions that often lead to muscle tension and overworked backs. You do not need to have a physical job to overwork the spine. In fact, prolonged periods of sitting in front of computer screens create significant back tension and discomfort.

Our sedentary lifestyles challenge us with the important goal of keeping our spines aligned and our bodies in optimal condition. The spine is one of the most important parts of your anatomy. It connects electrical impulses that travel from the spinal cord to various organs and muscles that carry out important functions.

When the spine is out of alignment, it cannot conduct electrical impulses fully, therefore, it interferes with proper physiological function. Vertebrae of the neck, mid-back and lumbar regions can become subluxated, or misaligned causing pain and dysfunction throughout the body.

If you look at the posture of a healthy two-year-old, you can see the normal curves of the spine. As we become older, bad postural habits lead us to repetitive positions that change the healthy curves of our spines, causing major health problems. For instance, digestive dysfunction or problems with the lungs can be related to a misaligned spine. If those organs do not receive proper nerve impulses, they will not function optimally.

Pain is an indicator of a misaligned spine. If you feel neck or back tension, it is likely that your muscles have become tight due to your spine being out of alignment. Chiropractic care plays a major role in the awareness one must have to maintain healthy spines.

As you explore the world of chiropractic therapy, you will start to get familiar with the condition of your spine and the unique set of challenges you face. You will know how to implement targeted solutions that will address your particular needs.

No matter what type of work you do, whether you sit in front of a computer or paint all day in front of a canvas, you will become familiar with the proper way to use your body to maintain the best possible physical condition . Your work life will benefit from regular visits with a chiropractor.

How Can I Relieve Pain?

One of the most obvious signs that your back is out of alignment is pain. It can be a slight nagging pain that comes and goes or an intense piercing pain that is constant and lasts for days or even weeks.

Some studies have found that 89% of office workers experience musculoskeletal pains. Back and neck pain are extremely common due to the repetitive motions we perform all day. Not only is your back challenged by an office chair, but also in your car on the commute to and from work.

Chiropractic care helps relieve tension along the spine by manually putting back your vertebrae into place. When the spine pops back into alignment, it relieves the back and neck pain you have been experiencing. You'll notice more vitality and an overall better sense of well-being. You'll notice the absence of headaches and less tightness all over your body.

The other great advantage of chiropractic care for pain is that you will not be inclined to use pain medications, which are often addictive and dangerous. Whatever type of work you do, you'll perform better when you're alert and focused.

Good Posture is the Key

While visiting a chiropractor regularly can help maintain your spine aligned, what you do throughout the day is the key to staying healthy. Your posture while resting and doing any type of activity is the key to staying in proper spinal alignment.

If you have to sit for extended periods of time, be sure you choose a chair that supports the natural curves of your spine. Taking walking breaks every 20 minutes will ensure you don't spend too much time in the same position.

Be mindful of the way you sit, stand, bend, lie, or do anything else. No matter what activity you are doing, there is a proper way to do it that supports your spine instead of putting strain on it. Along with regular visits to your chiropractors, good ergonomics is key for caring for your back.

Even sleeping has to be done properly. Your back, knees, chest, and neck all have to be supported by specially placed pillows. Think of your spine all day and ask yourself how you can change your posture to aid your back. Remember that your spine is connected to the rest of your body. Also, your head and feet have to be properly placed in order for your whole body to maintain alignment.

There are beds, chairs, stools, and other items specially created to provide your spine with the proper support it needs. Along with frequent chiropractic visits, be sure to also incorporate these tools into your daily routine for consistent results.

How Can I Improve My Mobility?

Besides pain, another sign of spinal misalignment is decreased mobility. Perhaps you start to notice that you cannot move your shoulders as you once did, or that it is becoming increasingly difficult to move around as you are used to.

Spinal misalignment is frequently the cause of restrictions in a person's range of motion. After regular chiropractic visits, people begin to notice improvements in their physical abilities. They are able to move around easier and have the unrestricted range of motion they once did.

If you feel good, you will perform your job very well. Workers who experience chiropractic care with improvements in their mobility notice that they are able to be more productive at work.

In fact, increased mobility not only improves life at work but also enhances all aspects of life. You will wake up feeling more invigorated, you will notice a difference in your sleeping patterns and even digest your food better. You will be surprised to find that increased mobility turns your whole life around.

Keeping Your Immune System Healthy

As previously mentioned, your spine affects the rest of your body including your immune system. According to research studies, regularly scheduled chiropractic care can boost your immune system by 20%, allowing you to fight off viruses, infections, and other diseases with ease.

Subluxations on the sine can cut off the nerve energy necessary for your immune system to keep pathogens and viruses under control. If your nervous system is properly aligned, your body will have optimal regulation of cell function that is necessary as a preventative strategy against diseases.

If you notice that you are frequently sick, it is possible you are suffering from vertebral subluxation. When the spine is misaligned, it does not allow the endocrine system to supply hormones the immune system needs to receive for proper function.

Improve Quality of Sleep

Achieving consistent quality sleep is one of the most important aspects of a healthy body. People who make chiropractic care part of their lives report having better sleeping patterns.

It is hard to get quality sleep if you are experiencing musculoskeletal pain or discomfort. Keeping your back in proper alignment alleviates muscular tension related to sleep disturbances. Two of the biggest obstacles to getting a good night's sleep are pain and anxiety. Chiropractic care helps relieve both.

Proper rest is one of the biggest factors in having a productive day at work. Employees who miss work or underperform report having trouble sleeping. When you start achieving quality sleep, you will start to notice your whole world improve. That is how powerful a good night's rest is for anyone, no matter what career path they take.

Increase Focus and Productivity at Work

Regular chiropractic visits will keep you free from pain and functioning in your optimal physical condition. It serves as a foundation for having a healthy lifestyle that will reflect on your performance at work.

The way you carry out your job is a direct reflection of how you feel. If you are experiencing pain or have a hard time performing some tasks, it is very likely that your job will suffer as well.

When you keep your spine properly maintained, you will remove any blocks that are getting in the way of an excellent performance at work. Chiropractors can customize a plan specially created to address the demands your job places on your body.

Experience Reduction in Stress

Once you start to visit a chiropractor, you will notice the difference after only one visit. The fact that you are doing a self-care activity such as chiropractic treatments, puts your mind in a more relaxed state.

Chiropractic adjustments help the body achieve balance. Since it enhances the conductivity of the nervous system, it provides the whole body with a more relaxed and energized state.

Managing stress is one of the big components of performing at your best at work. Corporate managers are finding that incorporating chiropractic care into their office culture has been one of the most effective methods for promoting employee wellness.

Fewer Sick Days

One of the frequent reasons for missing work is debilitating back pain. It is often accompanied by headaches and muscle tension. When out of alignment, your body becomes compromised in every way. Even the flu is more likely to affect you if your spine is out of alignment as your immune system becomes compromised.

It is common to see employees miss work due to headaches, pain in the neck and back, or some type of immune-compromised condition. These symptoms can all be indicators of a poorly maintained spine. Once you experience consistent spinal alignment, you will immediately start to see improvements in your overall physical condition.

Your newly found energy will reflect in your work and you will notice you no longer feel like you have to take a day off just to have the energy to get by your workweek. You will experience an improvement in all aspects of your health. All systems will improve and you will feel much more capable of carrying out your work responsibilities.

Clinical research indicates that chiropractic adjustments have the ability to improve existing medical conditions and prevent new ones from manifesting. There are health issues such as high blood pressure, ear infections, Parkinson’s disease, and even behavioral issues that cause people to miss work. Fortunately, regular chiropractic care addresses any condition at the root.

The goal of chiropractors is not to merely treat the symptoms, but to get to the root of the problem so that they don't come back.

Closing Notes

To have better quality performance at work and an overall more fulfilling life, making chiropractic care part of your self-care routine is a must. Just like a car, your spine requires you to keep it in proper alignment. We can certainly change habits to improve our posture and the way we use our backs.

The demands on our bodies while at work and while performing other repetitive activities create a huge challenge for us. We must maintain proper alignment, balance, and strength to give ourselves the best chance we have to feel good and stay safe.

Making chiropractic care part of your life will create a physical foundation for you that will allow you to enjoy your work and all activities outside of it. Once you start to experience the benefits of chiropractic treatments, you will wonder how you went so long without them.

As you can see, your work and personal life can greatly benefit from consistent chiropractic visits. The results are seen very quickly and you will start to feel changes even after the first visit. It allows you to become more mindful about the condition of your back and the posture you practice throughout the day.

Are you ready to start your chiropractic journey? Call us to schedule a consultation and find out how chiropractic care can improve your overall quality of life and allow you to give your best performance in your work life.