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    Hot Towel Cabinets - Hot Towel Warmers & Hot Towel Cabis

    We carry a variety of high quality hot towel cabis. The hot towel cabis are useful for keeping your washcloths hot. The cabis can hold up to 24 towels, so you will always have a hot towel ready for your patients. The hot towel cabis come in a variety of sizes.

    Hot Towel Cabinet With Side Swinging Door
    Hot Towel Cabinet With Uv Sterilizer
    Dermalogic Towel Warmer Stainless Steel 8L
    Hot Towel Cabinet Large Double Size 2 Swing Doors
    Paragon Double Hot Towel Cabinet, Large
    Beauty Pro Stainless Steel Tong
    Earthlite Alpha 3 Trolley - White
    TAIJI Hot Towel Warmer and UV Sterilizer Large
    Earthlite Eclipse Warming Drawer Option
    Dermalogic Towel Warmer Wood Grain 20L
    Dermalogic Towel Warmer Stainless Steel 20L
    Amber Insulated Rubber Gloves
    Paragon Hot Towel Cabinet With Uv Light Medium
    Touch America Small Hot Towel Cabinet
    Towel Warmer W/Sterilizr 24 Towel Capacity
    Paragon® Small Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet
    Paragon Hot Towel Cabinet, Medium
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