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    Physical Therapy Exercise Equipment

    We are proud to offer the largest selection of miscellaneous rehab equipment in the industry. Our large selection of miscellaneous equipment includes the Hausmann Strength Test Platform, Optiflex Patient Kits, weight boxes and kits for various body parts. Our equipment will be the perfect addition to your physical therapy office.

    Thera-Band Aquafins™ Exerciser Kit
    "Packing Carton" Weight Box
    Weight Sled
    SPRI® The STEP® - Black
    Accessory Box for Weight Sled
    Hand Assembly Device
    Two Step Footstool
    Optiflex Trolley
    As low as $666.73
    Optiflex KitSale
    Optiflex Patient Kits
    Patient Kit For Artromot K-3
    Artromot Ankle CPM KitSale
    Artromot E2 Compact Elbow CPM Patient Kit
    Sled Station
    As low as $839.49
    Work Device
    Lifting/Bolt Center - Work Hardening Assembly Box
    Work Station
    Lift Box
    HipTrac® Hip Traction
    "Tool Kit" Weight Box
    "Stockroom Crate" Weight Box
    Tax Savings
    Patriot Project