Head, Neck, Skull & Torso Models

ScripHessco carries a large selection of quality skull and torso models to place in your office. Our detailed models include the skull, torso and human ear. It will be easy to identify the body parts on our realistic models. Use the models as references and learning material for your practice. Buy Anatomical Skulls, Human Skull Models & Human Torso Models.

Classic Skull With Opened Lower Jaw
Combined Transparent/Bony Skull-8 Part
Didactic Skull Kit 22 Part
Unisex Torso Without Head-10 Part
Classic Unisex Torso - 14 Part
Mini Torso - 12 Part
Deluxe Dual Sex Torso - 24 Part
Deluxe Dual Sex Torso - 20 Part
Deluxe Dual Sex Torso With Opened Back - 28 Part
Dual Sex Muscle Torso W/ Opened Back & Neck -31Pcs
Dual Sex Muscular Figure
Dual Sex Lifesize 39 Part Human Model
Breakthrough Coaching
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