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    Acupuncture Electrotherapy Equipment & Supplies

    We carry all of the acupuncture electrotherapy equipment you need to satisfy your patient. Our selection includes acupuncture electrotherapy machines, stimulators, lasers and kits. We only carry high quality electrotherapy equipment, giving your patient a comfortable and stress free acupuncture experience.

    Pointer Plus Lt Hand Held Stimulator
     E-Stim Ii
    Red Laser Diode - Single Point
    Awq-104Lt Four Output W/Digital Meter Acu Device
    Lead Wires with 3.5 mm Jack
    Pointer Excel II LT™ Stimulator
    TDP Lamp (Far Infrared Mineral Lamp)New
    Multi-Purpose Acupuncture Machine 808-I
    Hand Model - Acupunture Point Model
     Awq-104L Four Output W/Digital Meter Acu Device
    ITO® ES-130® Three Channel Electro Stim UnitNew
    Replacement Lamp Head For G-01N Tdp LampNew
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