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    RichMar Medical Products

    RichMar has been the leader in innovative and advanced ultrasound, electrotherapy, and light therapy modalities for over 30 years. By focusing on just modalities we offer the widest range of options in stimulators, ultrasounds, Hands-Free ultrasounds, combination devices, and light therapy products as well as the accessories to go with them such as electrodes, gels, lotions, and unique GelPads.

    Richmar EVO CM4Sale
    Richmar EVO CM4Sale
    RichMar AloeSound Ultrasound Lotion - 1 Gallon
    Ionton Plus Butterfuly
    RichMar EVO Detachable Autosound Applicator
     Therasound EVO Ultrasound Includes Therapy Hammer
    Richmar Winner ST 2
    Rich-Mar Therapy Hammer
    RichMar EVO Cart
    RichMar Laser Module For Winner EVO Series
    RichMar EVO Cart Storage Bin
    GelShot™ Sample Kit - Not for Individual Sale
    Hivamat Evident Trolley
     Hivamat Snap Electrodes 2" X 2.5" Case/100
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