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    Vasyli Orthotics Heat Gun

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     Vasyli Orthotic Heat Gun

    • To be used with Vasyli Custom fit orthotics. 
    • Cannot be replaced by a hair dryer
    • ***Must be purchased by a licensed healthcare professional
    • Check the shoe and remove any form of thick lining or arch cushion
    • Pick an orthotic that closely fits the contour of the foot (size comparison of the shoe for length).
    • Be sure the distal edge of the orthotic finishes 5-10mm behind the bisection of the 1st MP
    • Device should hit the very back of the shoe and ask patient to walk around. If irritations occur, use heat to mold
    • May take a few days for the patient's feet to get used to the orthotic
    • Place orthotic, base up, on a heat resistant surface
    • Apply heat in a wave motion between the 2 sorbon inserts
    • Do no concentrate the heat to one spot
    • Once lettering of the Thermal Indicator disappear it ensures molding temperature has been reached (194ºF/90ºC). You have 2 minutes to mold
    • Have the patient sit, and place the heated orthotic into the shoe
    • Place their foot into the shoe
    • Hold and palpate the foot in the neutral position. Ask the patient to stand and distribute their weight evenly with a neutral position
    • Palpate the shoe and mold up into the arch area and round the heel cup. Press down in the forefoot to mold the last of the shoe
    • Have the patient sit and control the neutral position until fully seated.
    • Remove the orthotic and allow it to cool for 5 minutes
    • If necessary, add Vasyli orthotic additions or wedges
    *Note Vasyli Armstrong II has specific heating instructions. See product page for details (722 0183)


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