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    Thera-Loop Non-Slip Anchor, Pack of 50

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     Every Body Needs A Thera-Loop

    Every patient who receives resistance tubing and banding needs a place to exercise at home.  Thera-Loop makes it easy by turning nearly any doorway into a place to do exercises and the loop can be easily moved to the right height for each exercise.  That’s because the simple webbing-strap Thera-Loop, sprayed at the door end with a non-slip material, resists sliding up and down when it is placed in the hinge side of a closed and latched door.

    Height adjustments are limitless.  Thera-Loop helps you educate the patient about where, and at what height, to start and end resistance exercise.  Tying off on a door knob or a furniture leg can be dangerous and unproductive.  Everyone has experienced horror stories about the tubing or banding that slipped off its anchor and painfully struck the patient.  Thera-Loop solves that problem.

    This simple device, invented by a home therapist, can help increase patient compliance.  It also protects against damage to tubing and banding that results from repeatedly closing it into door frames unprotected.

    Available in eaches (841-1005), 10 (853-0028) and 50 packs.




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