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    Neckpro Overdoor Traction Device Head Halter

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    Neck Pro Over-the-Door Traction Device Replacement Head Halter

    NeckPro is an easy-to-use traction device that can be used at home to significantly reduce neck pain. Millions of people suffer from neck pain every day, sometimes immobilizing them almost completely. Neck pain can be caused by traumatic injury from strain, whiplash, or a fracture. However, it also may be caused from sitting too long at a desk or computer; driving long distances; poor posture; improper sleeping habits; and from everyday physical, mental, and, especially, emotional stress.

    • Easy to set up; portable, over-the-door traction device

    • Provides relief without using cumbersome weights, water bags or pulleys

    • Head and neck are not locked in one position, allowing rotation and extension concurrent with traction for maximum mobility and relaxation

    • Promotes relaxation, and reduces stress and tension

    • Greatly reduces need for costly pain medication

    • Helps return spine to anatomical posture

    • Reduces effects of aging on spine due to gravity

    • Aids in returning to normal sleeping habits

    • Helps restore normal neck mobility, flexibility and range of motion

    • May postpone or eliminate surgical intervention for cervical disc disease

    • Does not require assembly

    • FDA-registered cervical traction device

    • Ratcheting mechanism enables incremental tension adjustment

    • New adjustable door bracket to fit all doors




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