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    Lotus Touch Classic Massage Kit - Massage Cream, Lotion & Oil

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    Lotus Touch Classic Massage Kit

    A fantastic way to try The Classics Massage Kit. These four products are the original Lotus Touch formulas: originally introduced in 1999. Each product is a rich, professional formula that provides you with amazing results and are free of nut oils, mineral oils and direct alcohols. Nourish and hydrate your skin with Lotus Touch. This kit is great for use at home or for therapists to get a feel of some of our top of the line products

    Moisture Rich Cream - An outstanding massage cream that provides you with maximum glide and minimum friction. Pure and natural oils, herbs and botanicals are combined to create this great massage cream. Moisture Rich Cream has a workability that makes it excellent for all modalities. Since it is fragrance-free, it's also ideal for use on the face and hands. This incredible, all-purpose formulation goes on like a cream, stays creamy throughout the treatment. The ingredients are a combination of natural & synthetic properties.

    Multi-Purpose Cream - A 3-in-1 massage cream. It applies like a luxurious cream, turns into an oil, and absorbs like a lotion. It gives you the perfect amount of glide, lowers friction, and maximizes control. Borage Oil, a key ingredient, has rejuvenating, hydrating, and anti-inflammatory properties. It won't clog pores and dry bodies will soak up it's moisture-rich formula instantly. Perfect for all modalities. The ingredients are a combination of natural & synthetic properties. Light, fresh fragrance.

    Hydrating Rich Lotion - This wonderful lotion provides maximum glide and super-rich workability without stickiness. Perfect for deep tissue work. It contains nourishing Omega 3 and six essential fatty acids to enhance massage effectiveness as well as apricot and olive oils, Vitamin E, and aloe vera. Your skin will love it and so will your clients. Excellent for use in spa, massage, and physical therapy treatments.Available in 8 oz squeeze bottle, 1/2 gal and 1 gal container.

    Ultralight Oil Complex - No other massage oil uses a combination of 5 high quality seed oils. Lotus Touch UltraLight Oil Complex is perfect for all massage techniques, providing superior glide with the firmness and diversity you want for massage or physical therapy. The ingredients are a combination of natural & synthetic properties. Shake well before using. Water dispersible for easy clean. 

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