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    Home Ranger Shoulder Pulley - Over the Door Arm & Shoulder Exerciser

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    Home Ranger® Original Shoulder Pulley

    Increase shoulder range of motion in all planes of movement with the original Home Ranger® Shoulder Pulley. Make recovery from frozen shoulder, rotator cuff surgery, mastectomy, or stroke easier and more effective by performing rehab exercises at home in between clinic visits.

    • Web Strap with rubber bulbous shaped head wedges easily in the side or top of a door. Ideal for clinic and home use. Hard insert won’t compress or slip through the door (up to 3/16” gap).
    • Sure Track Pulley is self-lubricating and eliminates annoying squeaks, messy metal residue, or snags that cause rope degradation. Custom molded fender assures rope won’t disengage from pulley wheel.
    • Positive Reinforcement Rope is marked at intervals to easily gauge progress. Custom braided, 12-strand, solid weave, 86? long rope will not fray, flatten, or unravel with repeated use.
    • Santoprene Ergonomic Handles are custom molded in the shape of a closed fist for comfort and effectiveness. Santoprene material provides a perfect grip surface that is neither too slick nor too sticky.
    • Includes 4-Color Exercise Booklet




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