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    Dts Marketing Master's Kit Package 6

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    DTS Marketing Master's Kit - Package 6

    Package Includes:

    • TV & Radio Commercial Spots (2 each) customized for your practice
    • 25 Patient Education DVDs
    • DTS Rx Referral Pads
    • Marketing Tools CD
    • Full-length Infomercial
    • Print Advertisements
    • Printed educational marketing material
    • Complimentary marketing & advertising advice and research

    Patient Education DVD: This 9 1/2 minute video is fully customized for your practice. It is the perfect tool to distribute to prosective patients or have playing in the waiting room and it makes a great addition to your website. The Patient Education video is also a great tool to use for marketing and networking with others in the healthcare and medical community.

    DTS Rx Referral Pads: These refferal pads are customized for your practice and make for a quick and easy referral for DTS Therapy treatments. Includes 30 scripts per pad.

    Marketing Tools CD: This CD includes cover letters to MD's, press releases, direct mail postcards, PowerPoint presentations and more than 2 dozen newspaper ads, inserts and more.

    Full-Length Infomercial: This 30 minute customized infomercial is tagged for your practice. Includes options such as scrolling text, dialog boxes and graphics.

    All material is customized for your practice including your name, address, phone number(s), website, etc.




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