Best Chiropractic Tables on the Market

When you operate a chiropractic practice, the type of table you use is important to you and your patients. The table is where most of the adjustments, assessments and evaluations are performed. Your patients will sit and lay on the table, and you will use a lot of force when performing chiropractic care. If you offer house calls or work in a multidisciplinary environment, you may prefer a portable chiropractic table that is easy to take with you or move around your treatment area.

Best Chiropractic Tables:

  • Oakworks Powerline
  • Lloyd Astro
  • Lloyd Galaxy Ultimate Elevation Hylo
  • Elite STA-3 Stationary Table
  • Leander LT 950
  • Lloyd C-105A

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Best Therapy and Exam Table: Oakworks Powerline

The best therapy and exam table is Oakworks Powerline's treatment table. It features a padded headpiece and adjustable backrest, which offers comfort for the patient. The adjustable back also facilitates different treatment modalities. This makes it effective for assessing the patient's hips.

Made with a sturdy oak frame, it has a 500-pound bariatric working load. It is available in 27- and 30-inch widths and a range of cushion covers. Two inches of padding and a durable vinyl cover ensure comfort for patients of all sizes.

Check out the Oakworks Powerline treatment table today.

Best Elevation Table: Lloyd Astro

Getting your patients into a supine or upright position is necessary for the treatment of many spinal conditions. An elevation table allows you to adjust the position of the patient for your own comfort and theirs.

The Lloyd Astro is the best elevation table for many reasons. Hydraulic lifts make it easy to adjust the table's height. The bed elevates from 18 to 38 inches, making it a good choice when there are several chiropractors of different heights working in your practice. It lifts up to 450 pounds in just 10 seconds.

The tilt headpiece provides comfort for the patient, and an adjustable ankle rest relieves pressure from the patient's lower legs. This ankle rest is also effective for assessing a patient's lower joint mobility. An adjustable pelvic and electronic height adjustment are available.

Take a look at the Lloyd Astro in order to review its specifications.

Best Hylo Table: Lloyd Galazy Ultimate Elevation Hylo

The durable Lloyd Galaxy Ultimate Elevation Hylo is the best hylo table for busy chiropractic practices. When you need to use an activator, this hylo table's four-drop sections are effective for this form of treatment. The flexion and tilting capabilities allow you to treat patients with more comfort and flexibility.

This table also has an electronic height selector, making it easier for you to get the table at the right level. Multiple safety features help the patient feel secure as you position the table, including an automatic stopping switch and an automatic footplate.

This combination of manual and automatic flexion-distraction table allows you to flex the patient's spine and provide relief for difficult problems, including bulging disks.

Explore these and other features of the Lloyd Galaxy Ultimate Elevation Hylo table today.

Best Drop Table: Elite STA-3 Stationary Table

When you're in search of the best drop tables, the Elite STA-3 stationary drop table is a smart choice. It offers cervical, thoracic and pelvic drops.

The pelvic and lumbar areas tilt to 15 degrees, allowing you to manually manipulate the spine with easier access. A multi-direction headpiece gives you options for having the patient rest in different positions, making it effective for shoulder, hip and back alignment and releases. Its height can be set from 18 to 28 inches for your comfort.

Take a look at the Elite STA-3 steel-framed table.

Best Flexion-Distraction Table: Leander LT 950

Flexion-distraction tables allow you to perform spinal correction, flexion, extension and rotation with ease. One of the best tables for this type of chiropractic care is the Leander LT 950. Its motor is quiet, so your patient can fully relax.

This table is particularly effective at helping you improve your patient's everyday posture. Improving their posture provides relief for headaches, neck and shoulder pain and maintains the corrected alignment.

Check out these features and the specifications of the Leander LT 950.

Best Portable Table: Lloyd C-105A

When you choose a portable table for chiropractic care, lightweight yet strong materials provide durability and ease of travel. Their easy-care vinyl covering ensures that you can quickly clean the surface between patients.

The best table for this purpose is none other than the Lloyd C-105A. It has a face slot, so it is as effective for massage as it is for chiropractic adjustments. Its height adjusts in one-inch increments from 21 to 26 inches, allowing you to work in comfort. This portable table folds quickly and does not take up much space in your vehicle.

See the Lloyd C-105A and review its measurements and capacity.

Qualities to Look for in a Chiropractic Table

When you're looking for a chiropractic table, there are several key features to look for in the product:

  • If you work with different chiropractors, height adjustment ensures that you, your colleagues and your patients are comfortable.
  • Also, consider the purpose or function of the table. If you mostly perform manual adjustments for back pain, you might not need a massage table, for example. On the other hand, if you offer a variety of adjustment services, look for a table that has versatile usages.
  • Quality is also an important consideration. You need a chiropractic adjusting table that is made to last and can accommodate patients of varying sizes.