Massage Table Warmers, Pads & Covers

We offer all of the table pads and covers you need for your massage therapy practice. Our selection includes the EarthLite Basics Massage Table Warmer, NRG Fleece Table Pad and Ultimate Massage Table Covers Kit. The table pads and covers will keep your patients comfortable throughout their massage therapy session.

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We want you to be 100% satisfied. Our aim is to provide you with quality products at an affordable price. If an item does not meet your expectations, we'll gladly refund your money within 30 days after purchase. In order to keep our prices the lowest possible, some exceptions apply, including a 20% restocking fee applied after 30 days and 30% restocking fee applied after 60 days, should the item be in a usable condition. Please see our [1]Returns section for detailed information.

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  1. EarthLite® Disposable Fitted Face Cradle & Headrest Covers - 50 pack EarthLite® Disposable Fitted Face Cradle & Headrest Covers - 50 pack
  2. Sani-Cover® Fitted Disposable Face Rest Covers Box of 50 Sani-Cover® Fitted Disposable Face Rest Covers Box of 50
  3. Cozy Cotton Table Covers Kit Cozy Cotton Massage Table Covers Package
  4. Ultimate Flannel Table Covers Kit Ultimate Flannel Massage Table Covers Kit - Sheet, Blanket, Pad & Detergent
  5. Oakworks Fitted Massage Table Protector Oakworks Fitted Massage Table Protector
    $91.41 - $105.00
  6. EarthLite® DLX™ Digital Massage Table Warmer (new 2021 model) EarthLite® DLX™ Digital Massage Table Warmer (new 2021 model)
    1  Review
  7. 220 1392: Earthlite Bodyworks Choice Table Warmer EarthLite® Bodyworker's Choice Table Warmer
  8. Sale
    NRG® Fleece Massage Table Pad and Face Rest Cover Set NRG® Fleece Massage Table Pad and Face Rest Cover Set
    $34.39 Special Price $29.68
  9. Master® Massage Universal Fitted Table Cover Master® Massage Universal Fitted Table Cover
  10. DUKAL™ Spa Flat Disposable Headrest Paper 100 Pack DUKAL™ Spa Reflections™ Flat Disposable Headrest Paper 100 Pack
  11. Fleece Cover For Earthlite Crescent Headrest EarthLite® Crescent Fleece Headrest & Face Rest Cover for Massage Tables
    1  Review
  12. Sale
    NRG® Reusable Massage Table Barrier - Moisture Barrier Table Cover NRG® Reusable Massage Table Barrier - Moisture Barrier Table Cover
  13. 830 0027: Disposable Cover For Omni Cervical Pillow 100 Pc Disposable Covers for Omni Cervical Pillows - 100 Pack
    1  Review
  14. NRG® Reusable Face Rest Barrier 10/Pack NRG® Reusable Face Rest Barrier 10/Pack
  15. NRG Cotton Poly Face Rest Covers NRG Cotton Poly Face Rest Covers for Massage Table Face Cradles
  16. NRG® Disposable Table Barrier 10/Pack NRG® Disposable Massage Table Barrier 10/Pack
  17. Custom Craftworks™ Deluxe Electric Warmer Pad Custom Craftworks™ Deluxe Electric Warmer Pad
  18. Earthlite Basic Fleece Pad For Earthlite Tables EarthLite® Basic Fleece Pads for Massage Tables
  19. Earthlite® Professional Table Cover EARTHLITE® Fitted Massage Table Protection Cover – 100% PU
  20. Kur Memory Foam Face Rest Pad Cover Only NRG Memory Foam Face Rest Pad Cover Only
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Table Pads & Covers


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    1-Year Warranty

    Qualifies For Federal Business Tax Credit

    We test, strip & customize each tables

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    Regional reps available for delivery, training & setup

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I don't know what we would have done if we had not had ScripHessco as our supplier. From the days before opening until now, they have been here for us. The promptness of your services have been fantastic. The array of products is phenomenal and the great pricing you just can't beat. I want to say a great big "thank you" to Brenda as well she has been the best rep that anyone could ever ask to have call on an office. She is so knowledgeable and has the expertise to help you through from opening to anytime you may need her.

Dr. Roby Taylor Myers, Owner & Lead Chiropractor at East Coast Elite Chiropractic-Sports Performance & Rehab

I appreciate all the support over the last 2 years while setting up my new practice. I have had successful results with over 90-95% of my patients with disc injuries/ neck/ back pain in utilizing the DTS table as a stand alone treatment. I will be honest- it was a tough decision initially because of the financial investment/ commitment while I was starting practice. I am glad that I decided to integrate the DTS into my practice from the start because of the referrals and the wonderful response from my patients. Thanks again for all your help over the last 2 years and continued support.

Dr. Michael Sobran

Tax Savings


See how Section 44 - (ADA) Disable Access Credit and Section 179 - Special Declaration Rule can significantly bring down the cost of chiropractic table ownership for eligible access expenditures.

Table Pads & Covers

Table Pads & Covers

If you’re a massage professional, physical therapist, or chiropractor who wants to be able to give your clients an exceptionally relaxing massage, a table warmer is a worthwhile investment. Not only can table warmers create a much more comfortable massage with soothing warmth, but they can also make it possible for you to tailor the massage to the individual with the perfect temperature.

1. How Long Does It Take for Massage Table Warmers to Heat Up?

The specific amount of time it takes to heat up a massage table warmer depends on the model and brand, but in most cases, the average warmer pad takes around nine minutes to fully heat up. Most products also feature different heat settings to choose from, which will influence how long it will take to heat up.

2. How Can You Clean the Table Heating Pad?

In order to effectively use a massage table, it's important to keep the heating pad on it clean to prevent the spread of germs between clients.

  • If your warming pad is attached to the table with elastic corner straps that can be removed, check to see whether it's machine washable. If it is, you'll be able to simply put it in your washing machine.
  • If the pad is not machine washable, you'll need to wash it by hand with a mild soap and water.

3. Why Does My Table Warmer Shut Down?

There are several different circumstances in which your table warmer could end up shutting down. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • If the warmer pad is not getting enough power or there’s a problem with the heating coils, it will not be able to heat up as easily.
  • Check the other mechanisms in the table warmer for observable errors, and if you do not find any, take the product to get repaired or consider replacing it.
  • Many warmer pads have safety features such as automatic overheat protection that will cause the heating mechanism to shut off if it detects that the temperature has reached a certain level.

4. How Can I Test the Warmer's Functionality?

In order to determine that your table warmer is functioning properly, it's essential to make sure you test it every now and then. Here are a few great ways to test the functionality of a massage table warmer:

  • Measure how long it takes to get up to a certain temperature.
  • Perform an assessment of all of the table warmer's working parts.
  • Get the machine checked out by an expert.

5. How Hot Do Table Warmers Get?

The temperature that you can expect your table warmer to reach will depend on the make and model, which is one reason why it's essential to pick out a quality massage warmer table from our website.

As we mentioned earlier, most heating pads have multiple heat levels that you can choose from, which are typically within the range of 77 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. They are not meant to get extremely hot, and with automatic overheat protection, they pose no risk of burning your clients’ skin.

6. Why Isn't My Table Warmer Working?

There are a few reasons that your table warmer isn’t functioning properly.

  • Examine all of the wires on the table to ensure that none of them are broken.
  • If you are unable to find a solution to the problem, contact the manufacturer’s customer support team.