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    Dynamometers - Digital & Gauge

    At ScripHessco, we are proud to offer a large selection of dynamometers. Units include pinch gauges and squeeze dynamometers to measure finger and hand strength and push-pull units to measure arm and leg strength. Our selection features digital or gauge readings; some units offer adjustable grip positions and wall mount options.

     Baseline Dynamometer Smedley Spring Electronic
    Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer 200Lbs
    Baseline Lite Hydraulic Dynamometer
    Jamar Hand Deluxe Digital Hydraulic Dynamometer
    Baseline Lite 3 Piece Hand Evaluation Set
    Baseline Electronic Pinch Guage, 60Lb/27Kg
    Jamar Hand Dynamometer Hydraulic
    Hydraulic Hi-Res Hand Dynamometer 300Lbs.
    Digital Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer 300Lbs
    Pneumatic Dynamometer 30 Psi
    Pneumatic Dynamometer 15 Psi
    Universal Push/Pull Dynamometer 50Lbs
    Back, Leg, & Chest Dynamometer 660Lbs
    Oversized Base Back, Leg & Chest Dynamometer 660L
    Baseline Smedley Hand Dynamometer
    Baseline Pneumatic Bulb Hand Dynamometer/Pinch Gau
    50Lb Digital Push/Pull Dynamometer
    100Lb Digital Push/Pull Dynamometer
    250Lb Digital Push/Pull Dynamometer
    500Lb Digital Push/Pull Dynamometer
    500Lb Analog Push/Pull Dynamometer
    Electric Push/Pull Dynamometer 50Lb
    Electric Push/Pull Dynamometer 100Lb
    Electric Push/Pull Dynamometer 250Lb
    Electric Push/Pull Dynamometer 500Lb
    6' Wall Anchor
    Jamar Hydraulic Pinch Gauge
    Jamar Hand Evaluation Set
    Baseline Pinch Gauge W/ Case Blue 30Lbs.
    Baseline Pinch Gauge Red with Case - 60Lbs.
    Baseline Pinch Gauge W/ Case Gold 2Lbs.
    Baseline Pinch Gauge W/ Case Silver 10Lbs.
    Hydraulic Hi-Res Pinch Gauge 95Lb
    Baseline Pinch Gauge 50Lbs
    Hand Evaluation Kit
    Baseline Digital Pinch Gauge 100Lbs
    Baseline Universal Push-Pull Dynamometer-100 Lbs
    Baseline Universal Push-Pull Dynamometer-250 Lb.
    Single Handle For Push-Pull Dynamometer
    Dual Handle For Push-Pull Dynamometer
    Regular Stand-On Base For Push-Pull Dynamometer
    Large Stand-On Base For Push-Pull Dynamometer
    36 Hour Performance HealthRehab Certificate Course
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