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    Dynamometers - Digital & Gauge

    At ScripHessco, we are proud to offer a large selection of dynamometers. Units include pinch gauges and squeeze dynamometers to measure finger and hand strength and push-pull units to measure arm and leg strength. Our selection features digital or gauge readings; some units offer adjustable grip positions and wall mount options.

    Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer 200Lbs
    Baseline Lite Hydraulic Dynamometer
    Pneumatic Dynamometer 30 Psi
    Baseline Lite 3 Piece Hand Evaluation Set
    Jamar Hand Dynamometer Hydraulic
    Jamar Hand Evaluation Set
    Hydraulic Hi-Res Hand Dynamometer 300Lbs.
    Baseline Pinch Gauge Red with Case - 60Lbs.
    Hydraulic Hi-Res Pinch Gauge 95Lb
    Baseline Pinch Gauge 50Lbs
    Hand Evaluation Kit
    Baseline Digital Pinch Gauge 100Lbs
    Baseline Universal Push-Pull Dynamometer-100 Lbs
    Baseline Universal Push-Pull Dynamometer-250 Lb.
    Single Handle For Push-Pull Dynamometer
    Dual Handle For Push-Pull Dynamometer
    Regular Stand-On Base For Push-Pull Dynamometer
    Large Stand-On Base For Push-Pull Dynamometer
    Baseline Pinch Gauge W/ Case Gold 2Lbs.
    Baseline Pinch Gauge W/ Case Silver 10Lbs.
    Digital Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer 300Lbs
    Baseline Pinch Gauge W/ Case Blue 30Lbs.
    Jamar Hydraulic Pinch Gauge
    Pneumatic Dynamometer 15 Psi
    Universal Push/Pull Dynamometer 500Lbs
    Universal Push/Pull Dynamometer 50Lbs
    Back, Leg, & Chest Dynamometer 660Lbs
    Oversized Base Back, Leg & Chest Dynamometer 660L
    Baseline Smedley Hand Dynamometer
    Baseline Pneumatic Bulb Hand Dynamometer/Pinch Gau
    50Lb Digital Push/Pull Dynamometer
    100Lb Digital Push/Pull Dynamometer
    250Lb Digital Push/Pull Dynamometer
    500Lb Digital Push/Pull Dynamometer
    500Lb Analog Push/Pull Dynamometer
    Electric Push/Pull Dynamometer 50Lb
    Electric Push/Pull Dynamometer 100Lb
    Electric Push/Pull Dynamometer 250Lb
    Electric Push/Pull Dynamometer 500Lb
    6' Wall Anchor
    Jamar Hand Deluxe Digital Hydraulic Dynamometer
    Baseline Electronic Pinch Guage, 60Lb/27Kg
    Patriot Project
    Co-Labeling Program from Core Products