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    Acupuncture Treatment Supplies

    ScripHessco offers a variety of professional Acupuncture Treatment Supplies to use on your patients. Our large selection includes electrotherapy equipment, painless needles and other treatment supplies. Our acupuncture cupping supplies are convenient for you and comfortable for your patients. When you shop with ScripHessco, your patients will have a satisfying acupuncture experience.

    Pain Eliminating Cupping Set
    Millennia Magnetic Pellets 1.7mm 800 Gauss
    Glass Cupping Jars 4 Piece Set
    Sharps Needle Disposal System, 3.3 Qt
    Pure Moxa Rolls
    Hoist Smokeless Moxa Rolls, 5 Per Box
    Magnetic Pellets, 800 Gauss, 50/Pack
    Sharps Needle Disposal System, 6.9 Qt
    Lhasa Splinter Forcep Tweezer 4.5"
    Lhasa Angle Tip Pin Nedle Forceps 4.5"
    Longevity Smokeless Moxa Sticks With Hole, 5/Box
    Alligator Clips-Chinese Version (For AWQ-104LT)New
    Gua Sha Instrument
    Moxa Elite Herbal Patch Box Of 2
    EZ Moxa Starter Dulexe, Butane
    Chosei-Kyu Stick On Moxa, 0.2"Dia X 0.4"L, Box/100
    White Silicone Cupping Set
    Acu Point Cupping Set With Magnets
    Kmi Mini Stick-On Moxa, 0.3"Dia X 1"L, Box Of 180
    Complete Massage Cupping Kit
    Guashayou Oil
    Qdex- A Quick Index Of Acupuncture Points, 2Nd Ed.
    5 Piece Blown Glass Vacuum Cup Set
    Upc Medical Pink Silicone Cupping Set
    Deluxe Infrared Lamp With LightbulbNew
    Doctor Driven
    Breakthrough Coaching