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    Posture Pump Disc Hydrators & Spinal Health Care Products

    Decompress, Shape & Lubricate - Posture Pump® is a spinal health care product recommended by doctors to over five hundred thousand patients throughout the USA and other countries. It is designed for home care neck and back pain relief. It is not a massage device or an "occasional use" product! Just minutes on the Posture Pump® will reinforce your neck and back's NATURAL CURVED SHAPE and HYDRATE the discs & joints.

    Posture Pump® Elliptical Back Rocker Model 2000
    Posture Pump Model 1100-S Single Neck Air Cell
    Posture Pump Comfort Visor
    Posture Pump® PentaVec®  Model 2500
    Posture Pump Model 4100-S Full Spine Disc Hydra
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