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    Pivotal Health Solutions Chiropractic Equipment

    Pivotal Health Solutions was founded in 2007 as a privately held company with the mission to manufacture, distribute and sell the highest quality health and wellness products in the market.

     Basic Pro Portable Table
    Elev, Fwd & Toggle Drop For Es2000 95004
    Accelerator Ii Lumbar Drop For Es2000
    Breakaway/Elevating Chest For Ergostyle Fx Man&Ac
    Auto Flexion Fx Option For Ergostyle Fx Table
    Dual Foot Control For Ergostyle Tables
    T-Bar For Ergostyle Fx Manual Flexion (Long)
    Breakaway/Elevating Chest For Es2000
    Accelerator Ii Pelvic Drop For Es2000
    T-Bar For Ergostyle Fx Manual Flexion (Short)
    Tilt, Elev, Adj Fac Cush. For Es2000 95003
    Fx Cervical Headpiece W/Tilt/Elevation/Tgl/Fwd Drp
    Tilt Hdpc W/Adj Cushions For Ergostyle&Es2000 Tbls
    Breakaway/Elevating Chest For Ergostyle Hylo Ac
    Elevating Pelvic For Ergostyle Hylo W/ Ac
    Dual Control For Breakaway Chest For Ergostyle Fx
    Eurotech P-A Flexion Foot Pedal For Doc Tables
    Eurotech Elevation Foot Pedal For Doc Tables
    Travel Shoulder Bag w/ Strap for Portable Control Unit
    Package Of 50 Patient Brochures
    Cash or Insurance Practice
    Co-Labeling Program from Core Products