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    Mettler Electronics Products

    Quality at Mettler Electronics Corp.: The goal of Mettler Electronics is to become more competitive with respect to quality, cost and delivery of medical products that conform to established requirements and reasonable expectations for continuous quality improvement.

    Thermalsoft Durapaks Hot/Cold Packs
    As low as $2.49
    Pads With Sponges
    As low as $14.49
    Lead Wires For Mettler Tens Units
    Sonigel Ultrasound Lotion With Aloe
    Large Disposable Applicator Covers, 50/Pkg
    Large Frm Rubber Applicator For G5 Massagers
    Medium Disposable Applicator Covers, 50/Pkg
    Mettler Electronics Universal Applicator Cable
    Curved Flex Shoulder Applicator For G5 Massagers
    Mettler Sys*Stim 208A, Two Channel Low Volt Stim
    Mettler Replacement Cord Set
    Mettler Me73 Cart
    Mettler Sys-Stim 210 Tens Units (no timer)
    Mettler Sys*Stim 208, One Channel, Low Volt Stim
    Mettler 210 Tens Unit With Timer
    Mettler 212 Lead Wires
    Sys*Stim 228 Interferential Stimulator
    G5 Model Gk-3 Massager/Percussor, Variable Speed
    Pointed Tip Applicator Frm Rbr For G5 Massagers
    Four Ball Applicator Frm Rubber For G5 Massagers
    Sft Sponge Rbr Applctr For G5 Massagers, 3.5' Dia
    Professional Portable Applicator Package
    Two Ball Applicator Frm Rubber For G5 Massagers
    Blunt Tip Frm Rubber Applicator For G5 Massagers
    Scalp & Skin Surface Applicator For G5 Massagers
    Half Ball Frm Rubber Applicator For G5 Massagers
    Small Disposable Applicator Cover, 50/Pkg
    Mettler Sys*Stim 206 Low Volt Stimulator
    G5 Pro-Power Massager 5 Heads Included
    G5 GBM Hand-Held Massager With 5 Attachments
    Professional Therapy Applicator Package
    G5 Travel Bag
    Percussion Adapter For G5 Units
    Fine Sponge Applicator For G5 Massagers
    Sft Sponge Rbr Aplctr For G5 Massagers, 2-5/8' Dia
    Soundhead For Mettler Sonicator Units, 10 Cm2
    Soundhead for Mettler Sonicator Units - 1 cm², 3.3 MHz
    Co-Labeling Program from Core Products
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