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    Cando Physical Therapy Products & Rehabilitation Supplies

    Exercise and physical therapy products for clinic and at home use. Cando® products are high quality, portable and cost effective. Most are color-coded so difficulty level is easily identifiable.

    Inflatable Sitting And Standing Vestibular DiscSale
    Cando Door Anchor W/Webbing For Band/Tubing W/Nub
    Cando Loop Stirrups
    Cando Adjustable Foam Handles For Band Tubing Pair
    Cando Foam Roller Blue 6" X 36" Round
    Cando Rubber-Band Hand Exerciser
    Cando Digiflex Hand/Finger Exerciser 5 Pc Set W/Di
    Cando Color Coded Rubberband Hand Exerciser
    Cando® Deluxe Resistive Pedal Exerciser
    Cando Chair-Free Pedal Exerciser
    Cando Pedal Exerciser - Preassembled - Fold Up Ea
    Cando Vestibular Wedge Large 15"X15"
    CanDo® Digital Folding Pedal Exerciser
    Chiro Rocks Reno
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