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    Yoga Mats & Equipment

    At ScripHessco we carry many types of yoga and pilates equipment. The equipment can be used in a studio or at home. Our products include high quality yoga mats in various colors, stretch straps, core stretch, and pilates equipment. Whether you are equipping a studio or need equipment at home, our yoga and pilates equipment is designed for easy use. Scriphessco.com also carries yoga and yoga massage DVDs and CDs. Combining yoga with massage is helpful to relax clients and improve breathing and exercise techniques.

    Thera-Band Stretch Strap
    Yoga Original Tapas Mat Emerald Green 68"
    Yoga Original Tapas Mat Purple 68"
    Thai Yoga Massage Book With Dvd
    Core Stretch
    Pilates Edge
    Deluxe Foam Roller 35"L X 6"W
     Arc Barrel
    Spine Corrector
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