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    Tennis Exercise & Rehabilitation

    Keeping the hands, feet, and body flexible is necessary to promote a healthy tennis game. Tennis can be played by people of any age, but it is essential to take proper care of the body to guard against injuries. ScripHessco has a complete line of exercise equipment geared specifically for tennis players. Scriphessco.com has a selection of hand exercisers to keep hands and fingers flexible and pain free. Hand balls are an easy way to keep the fingers nimble. Finger extension and hand exercisers help to improve grip strength. Our foot roller is a therapeutic exerciser for the feet.

    Thera-Band Foot Roller - As Seen on The Doctors TV Show - TheraBand Foot Roller
    DFX Powerball Sports Pro Gyro Exerciser
    Valeo Speed Jump Rope
    Cando Color Coded Rubberband Hand Exerciser
    36 Hour Performance HealthRehab Certificate Course
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