Used Chiropractic Tables - Reconditioned & Refurbished Chiropractic Tables

Many companies offer used tables, but ScripHessco is the only company that offers completely reconditioned equipment. All ScripHessco tables are completely reconditioned by our factory trained technicians and guaranteed by us. Our techs repair, rebuild, paint, upholster, and recondition many different brands of tables.

After you receive your table from ScripHessco, we stand behind it with the only nationwide network of office's and service personnel. ScripHessco's techs average over 20 years of experience in repairing Chiropractic equipment.

ScripHessco is the largest new table dealer in the world. We refurbish brands like Lloyd, Zenith and other manufacturers using a combination of new and refurbished parts that are sourced from the original manufacturer or other qualified suppliers that meet our quality control specifications. Please speak to your sales rep or call us at 800-237-5652 to discuss your specific questions.

Some questions to ask before buying Chiropractic tables:

Who are you buying from?
ScripHessco is the world's largest new table dealer in the world.

How long has the company been in business?
ScripHessco has been in business for over 38 years. More Chiropractors have purchased tables from ScripHessco, than from anyone else. ScripHessco supports Chiropractic by attending over 80 shows per year and always stepping up when needed for legal battles or events like the Chiropractic centennial. ScripHessco is a name you can trust, when you are making a major purchase.

What type of material will your table be recovered in?
ScripHessco uses the original Heritage material on most tables. Heritage is designed to last many times longer than other materials. It won't crack or harden and become uncomfortable for your patients. Heritage is obviously more expensive than other materials and you should take this into account when shopping around. (ScripHessco can recover your table with less expensive material, but we don't recommend it.)

How much will the table cost?
ScripHessco makes the finest reconditioned table on the market and also offers the most comprehensive program to take care of your table after the sale. ScripHessco can also offer competitive pricing because of the huge volume of tables we handle. ScripHessco's state of the art reconditioning centers can produce many tables per week. In most cases, you can get ScripHessco quality tables and service and save money! We also offer financing on most equipment purchases. Call 800-237-5652 to talk to one of our experienced reps. (The average ScripHessco table rep has been working with Chiropractors for over 18 years!)

If you don’t find what you are looking for,

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