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    Cervical Collars & Shoulder Slings

    Ideal for stabilizing the neck and keeping the spine in a neutral position, our cervical collars are contoured, adjustable and come with a hook-and-loop closure for ease in putting on and removing. Our shoulder supports are durable, washable and help promote good posture. Easily adjustable arm slings are also available.

    Core Universal Cervical Collar
    As low as $13.64
    Universal Cervical Collar
    Pouch Style Arm Sling (Adult)
    Core Posture Corrector
    Contour Cervical Collar Medium
    Pouch Style Arm Sling Youth
    Contour Cervical Collar Large
    Universal Shoulder Immobilizer
    Thermoskin Adjustable Shoulder Stabilizer
    Clavicle Support
    As low as $37.00
    Hemi Shoulder Sling, Right, 15" Large
    36 Hour Performance HealthRehab Certificate Course
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