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    Therapeutic Kinesiology Tape

    We offer therapeutic tape for all parts of the body, including the knee, back, shoulder, foot and neck. Options include pre-cut tape strips in varying lengths and widths. All of our therapeutic tape is safe for sensitive skin and easy to apply and remove.

     RockTape® 2" x 16.5' Roll - Kinesiology Tape
    As low as $19.00
    Kinesio® Tex Gold FP Rolls 2" X 16.4'
    As low as $11.99
     Kinesio Tex Tape, Water Repellent, 3" X 16.4"
    Kinesio Tex Tape, Water Repellent, 1" X 16.4', 2 Rolls/Pkg, Beig
    Spidertech Gentle, Roll
    Scissors + Holster
    Mueller Kinesiology Tape Roll, 2" X 16.4'
    As low as $11.69
    Spidertech Ankle Precut
    As low as $5.99
    Kinesio Classic Fan Cut Tape #3
    Spidertech Gentle, Right Shoulder
    Spidertech Gentle, Low Back
    36 Hour Performance HealthRehab Certificate Course
    Tax Savings