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CBD oil delivers powerful healing capabilities for suffers with conditions ranging from muscle pain to anxiety. However, liquids are not always the easiest to take option. Oils and tinctures can be messy and difficult to take when out of the house. Creams and lotions may not address the specific health issue in question. Thankfully, CBD capsules offer the power of CBD oil in a convenient form factor. The Benefits of CBD Capsules CBD oil capsules and hemp oil extract pills help ensure that everyone can benefit from this supplement. Capsules are easy to swallow and digest. A simple sip of water is enough to wash down a capsule, and they can be taken at any time, in any location. There is no mess or fuss, and they are easy to add to any daily vitamin regimen, as well. What Brands of CBD Capsules Are Available? ScripHessco is proud to offer our customers access to the leading CBD oil supplement manufacturers in the industry. We stock capsules from brands such as Charlotte’s Web™, CBDoil™, Mary’s Nutritionals™, TruGen3®, and Green Roads Wellness. Our goal is to ensure that your clinic has access to the right supplements for your patients.

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  1. Green Roads® CBD Softgels Green Roads® CBD Softgels
  2. +PlusCBD™ Daily Balance Softgels Extra Strength Formula, 15mg +PlusCBD™ Daily Balance Softgels Extra Strength Formula, 15mg
    $44.99 - $89.99
    6  Reviews
  3. Charlotte’s Web 25mg CBD Oil Liquid Capsules Charlotte’s Web™ 25mg CBD Oil Liquid Capsules
    $52.99 - $85.99
  4. Cw Hemp 15 Mg Cbd Oil Liquid Capsules Charlotte’s Web 15mg CBD Oil Liquid Capsules
    $27.99 - $49.99
  5. Trugen3 Ease Cbd Capsules, 30/Ct TruGen3® TruEase® Hemp Oil CBD SoftGels, 30 count
  6. +PlusCBD™ Softgels Maximum Strength Formula +PlusCBD™ Softgels Maximum Strength Formula
    $124.99 - $154.99
  7. +PlusCBD™ Relief Softgels 30mg CBD & CBDA +PlusCBD™ Relief Softgels 30mg CBD & CBDA
    $34.99 - $59.99
  8. Green Roads® Relax CBD Capsules Green Roads® Relax CBD Capsules
  9. Green Roads® Sleep CBD Capsules Green Roads® Sleep CBD Capsules
  10. SummaRest™ CBD Sleep Aid Capsules - 30 Count Jar SummaRest™ CBD Sleep Aid Capsules - 30 Count Jar
  11. CytoCX CBD Relief Softgels – 30/Bottle, 25mg CytoCX CBD Relief Softgels – 30/Bottle, 25mg
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I don't know what we would have done if we had not had ScripHessco as our supplier. From the days before opening until now, they have been here for us. The promptness of your services have been fantastic. The array of products is phenomenal and the great pricing you just can't beat. I want to say a great big "thank you" to Brenda as well she has been the best rep that anyone could ever ask to have call on an office. She is so knowledgeable and has the expertise to help you through from opening to anytime you may need her.

Dr. Roby Taylor Myers, Owner & Lead Chiropractor at East Coast Elite Chiropractic-Sports Performance & Rehab

I appreciate all the support over the last 2 years while setting up my new practice. I have had successful results with over 90-95% of my patients with disc injuries/ neck/ back pain in utilizing the DTS table as a stand alone treatment. I will be honest- it was a tough decision initially because of the financial investment/ commitment while I was starting practice. I am glad that I decided to integrate the DTS into my practice from the start because of the referrals and the wonderful response from my patients. Thanks again for all your help over the last 2 years and continued support.

Dr. Michael Sobran

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What You Need to Know About CBD Capsules

Cannabidiol is one of the more than 100 active compounds in cannabis. It does not cause a "high," and it is not an addictive substance. There are no psychoactive effects of cannabidiol. Often called CBD, this substance can be purified into a high-quality natural supplement or remedy. The purified cannabidiol is combined with a carrier oil, such as hemp or coconut, then packaged into capsules or bottled as a liquid. Many people find full-spectrum CBD to help them with relief from pain and other issues. If you've heard about CBD oil and wondered whether or not it could benefit you, here's what you need to know.

Reasons to Buy CBD Capsules

There are many reasons why a person may want to buy CBD capsules. If you've already researched the benefits of CBD oil, you might feel that taking it in capsule form is a fast and efficient way of getting the oil into your body. You may prefer the simplicity of swallowing a capsule over applying an ointment, tincture or oil to your skin. When you buy CBD capsules, you're getting a pure product. The product is concentrated, so the capsules are small and easy to swallow. You know exactly how much CBD oil you're getting in the capsule. When you apply CBD onto your skin, there's no way to know how much of a dose you're getting.

Uses of CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are an efficient way to get cannabidiol into your body. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved CBD oil for any specific health condition. It is not FDA approved to diagnose or treat any medical conditions as of February 2020. However, many scientists are researching the uses of CBD oil in clinical studies. These studies are examining how CBD oil could be used for people who have conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain and depression. There have already been many small studies on the use of CBD oil for different conditions. More evidence is needed in order for the FDA to allow CBD oil manufacturers to claim that it is effective for specific health conditions.

There have been some notable results from several small studies of CBD oil, according to Healthline. In a study about anxiety related to taking a test, 57 men were given a CBD oil capsule, and 90 men were given a placebo capsule. A dose of 300 milligrams of CBD oil was found to significantly reduce anxiety in the test takers. This study was conducted in Brazil.

In another study, 16 people undergoing cancer treatment were given an oral spray of CBD oil. Their nausea and vomiting were reduced compared to patients receiving standard treatment. It is worth noting that a CBD oil spray might work differently than swallowing a CBD oil capsule.

Benefits of Taking CBD Capsules

There are many health benefits to taking CBD capsules, but they are scientifically unproven at this point in time. The FDA does not yet permit manufacturers or sellers of CBD oil to make claims on specific health benefits of taking CBD capsules. However, people have reported that using CBD oil capsules has helped them with a variety of problems. In a small group of people with post-traumatic stress disorder, users of CBD oil capsules noted that they slept better and had fewer anxiety attacks when using the oil compared to when they didn't use the oil.

A few recent test-tube studies suggest that CBD oil could reduce acne flares. A few small studies of CBD oil on neurological diseases suggest that using the oil might reduce the frequency of seizures in people with epilepsy. The CBD capsules might also help with decreasing inflammation throughout the body. A variety of small studies have shown a decrease in inflammation in the brain, joints and heart in people who use CBD capsules.

CBD oil capsules are small and easy to swallow. Most manufacturers make the capsules in a dosage that allows a person to take one capsule in the morning. A person might want to increase their dose over time, and the capsules are available in different dosage levels.

Differences Between CBD Capsules and CBD Oil

The main difference between CBD capsules and CBD oil is that you swallow the capsule whole. Many people find it easier to get a consistent dose with a capsule. The capsules are also easy to transport when a person travels.