Electric Massagers, Back Massagers & Powered Self Massagers

Provide deeper treatments while giving your hands and wrists a break by using electric powered massagers from ScripHessco. The variety of sizes and types of electric massagers from G5, Jeanie Rub, Thumper and more let you tailor the massage enhancement. Various accessories for powered handheld back massagers and applicator tips add even more to the experience.

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  1. Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager
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  2. Hypervolt 2 Pro Premium Percussion Massage Device Hypervolt 2 Pro Premium Percussion Massage Device
  3. Medium Disposable Applicator Covers, 50/Pkg Medium Disposable Applicator Covers, 50/Pkg
  4.  Thumper Maxi Pro Massager Thumper® Maxi Pro Massager - Professional Strength Electric Hand Held Massager
  5. Thumper Mini Pro 2 Massager Thumper® Mini Pro Massager - Electric Powered Body Massager
  6. Thumper Verve Massager Thumper Verve Massager - Hand held Percussive Massager
  7. Large Frm Rubber Applicator For G5 Massagers Large Frm Rubber Applicator For G5 Massagers
  8. ScripHessco Muscle Master Power Massager 2.5 AMPS, 3500-2800 RPM ScripHessco Muscle Master Power Massager 2.5 AMPS, 3500-2800 RPM
    1  Review
  9. Magic Wand® Original - HV-260 - electric massager Magic Wand® Original - HV-260 Personal Hand-Held Massager
    1  Review
  10. Fleece Pad Cover For Jeanie Rub Massagers Fleece Pad Cover For Jeanie Rub Massagers
  11.  Massage Unit Wall Hanger Massage Unit Wall Hanger
  12. Large Disposable Applicator Covers, 50/Pkg Large Disposable Applicator Covers, 50/Pkg
  13. Fine Sponge Applicator For G5 Massagers Fine Sponge Applicator For G5 Massagers
  14. Thumper Sport Percussive Massager Thumper® Sport Percussive Massager - Hand Electric Self Massager
  15. Sft Sponge Rbr Applctr For G5 Massagers, 3.5 Dia Sft Sponge Rbr Applctr For G5 Massagers, 3.5' Dia
  16. Fleece Cover For Muscle Master Massager - electric massager Fleece Cover For ScripHessco Muscle Master Massager
    1  Review
  17. Curved Flex Shoulder Applicator For G5 Massagers Curved Flex Shoulder Applicator For G5 Massagers
  18. Scalp & Skin Surface Applicator For G5 Massagers Scalp & Skin Surface Applicator For G5 Massagers
  19. Theragun PRO™ G5 Percussion Device Theragun PRO™ G5 Percussion Device
  20. Sheepskin Pad Cover For Jeanie Rub Massagers Sheepskin Pad Cover For Jeanie Rub Massagers
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Powered Massagers


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I don't know what we would have done if we had not had ScripHessco as our supplier. From the days before opening until now, they have been here for us. The promptness of your services have been fantastic. The array of products is phenomenal and the great pricing you just can't beat. I want to say a great big "thank you" to Brenda as well she has been the best rep that anyone could ever ask to have call on an office. She is so knowledgeable and has the expertise to help you through from opening to anytime you may need her.

Dr. Roby Taylor Myers, Owner & Lead Chiropractor at East Coast Elite Chiropractic-Sports Performance & Rehab

I appreciate all the support over the last 2 years while setting up my new practice. I have had successful results with over 90-95% of my patients with disc injuries/ neck/ back pain in utilizing the DTS table as a stand alone treatment. I will be honest- it was a tough decision initially because of the financial investment/ commitment while I was starting practice. I am glad that I decided to integrate the DTS into my practice from the start because of the referrals and the wonderful response from my patients. Thanks again for all your help over the last 2 years and continued support.

Dr. Michael Sobran

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See how Section 44 - (ADA) Disable Access Credit and Section 179 - Special Declaration Rule can significantly bring down the cost of chiropractic table ownership for eligible access expenditures.

Powered Massagers

Powered Massagers

Types of Massaging Devices

Chiropractic Massager

You will need an advanced and high-powered massager for a home massage. A chiropractic massager has a rectangular or square pad that you place on your body while holding it with one hand. The massager will vibrate as it performs percussive massage on the body. Chiropractic massagers are great for deep tissue work that facilitates better blood flow in trigger points, like your shoulders, traps, and back.

Shiatsu Massager

Shiatsu massage is a therapy that originated from the Japanese. A shiatsu massager applies force on a particular point of the body. The benefits of getting a shiatsu massager are that it gives you control of the massage and helps you to have a deep, medium, or light massage.

Shiatsu massagers use rotating spheres to massage deeply into muscles and relax pinched nerves. Massage the neck, back, feet, shoulders, or any other part of the body with this device. The reverse button swaps the shiatsu massager's position. Some shiatsu massagers include a heat option for even more effective pain relief.

Vibration Massager

A vibration massager provides a vibration massage that helps to loosen tight muscles. Vibrating massagers come in a variety of styles, including trigger point grid vibe and elite massaging vibration wrap with heat.

Percussion Massager

A percussion massager relieves soft tissue pain and soreness by delivering rapid, brief pulses deep into the soft tissue. By increasing blood flow, these devices aid in the growth and repair of tissue.

How Do Electric Massagers Work?

It is not difficult to use a massager, but for an effective massage, you will need to follow a few tips. The first step is to position the device where you need the massage. To avoid exaggerated pain, begin using the device at a lower level of intensity. Electric massagers send vibrations to the body, causing muscles to contract and relax.

The intensity of the vibrations varies according to the type of electric massager. A device's vibration can be vertical, up and down, front and back, or sideways. Some vibrations can cause an increase in the production of osteoblasts, which aids in bone formation.

Features to Consider for an Electric Massager

When selecting an electric massager for use at home, there are a few features to keep in mind. Get a massager that includes the following features:

  • Remote control: You might want a massager that includes a remote/app control. The feature will make it simple to control the temperature and keep track of the last mode used.
  • Manual or automatic: You can get manual or electric massagers. You must position manual ones where you want them to massage, whereas you typically sit on automatic ones, and they move automatically to massage you.
  • Position options: Some massagers offer multipurpose massage positions.
  • Heated: Some massagers provide heat therapy to increase comfort.
  • Weight: Get a massager with a favorable weight.
  • Infrared massagers: Consider a device that provides both deep tissue massage and infrared therapy.
  • Magnetic therapy: Look for a device that uses magnetic therapy to help you maintain your health or treat an illness.

Benefits of Electric Massagers

  • Using an electric massager relaxes stiff muscles, thereby relieving pain.
  • Excessive physical activity can lead to joint paint. A good massage, such as a foot massage, is a therapy that relieves aching joints and keeps them from straining further.
  • Massage not only helps with musculoskeletal pain, but migraines and tension headaches as well.
  • An electric massager applies pressure and aids in relaxation, improving your body's flexibility.
  • With an electric massager, you can get a quality massage whenever and wherever you want without relying on a massage therapist.

How to Use Electric Massagers to Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite is a type of fat that causes a dimpled appearance in the skin, most commonly on the thighs and buttocks. Massage improves lymphatic drainage, which aids in cellulite reduction. A good massage stretches out the skin tissue, which aids in the stretching of cellulite dimples. For best results, regular use is recommended.