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    Essential Oils and Diffusers

    Our large selection of essential oils from TheraPro, Bon Vital and Lotus will add peace and serenity to any massage session. Available in a variety of scents, our essential oils will improve the therapeutic benefits of massage. We also carry an assortment of nebulizers and diffusers.

    Lotus Touch Blended Essential Oil Trial KitSale
    sparoom® Enlighten™ Ultrasonic Mister Diffuser
    Pipette Glass Dropper 4 Oz
    Lotus Touch Blended Oil Premium Pack
    sparoom® AromaLuxe™ Nebulizer Diffuser
    Black Plastic Travel Case Holds 32 Oils
    Glass Bottle With Cap Cobalt Blue 4 Oz (120Ml)
    Lt Organic French Lavender Essential Oil 10 Ml
    Lotus Touch Single Note Essential Oil Trial Kit
    Spa Room Scentifier aromatherapy diffusers
    Lotus Touch Single Note Classic Pack
    Spa Room Roll-A-Therapy
    Homedics® Ellia Reflect Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser
    Lotus Touch® Stress Away TrioSale
    sparoom® Moxie™ Ultrasonic Mister Diffuser
    sparoom® Essential Oil Blend with CBD 3 PackNew
    Lotus Touch® Uplifting TrioSale
    Essential Oil Travel Case
    Aroma Mouse Diffuser With Cord Adapter
    Spa Room Bottle Tester Kit (24)
    Spa Room Bottle Variety Pack
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