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    Hydrotherapy Equipment

    We carry a variety of high quality hydrotherapy equipment and accessories to use for your practice. The Whitehall Little Champ Whirlpool, Extremity Whirlpool 15 Gallon, Whirlpool Dial Thermometers and Whirlpool Table can all be found at ScripHessco. Our hydrotherapy equipment and accessories are safe and comfortable for all of your patients.

    Whitehall Little Champ Whirlpool
    Pcs Whirlpool Pump Cover Strainer
    Whitehall Mxt-2 Mixing Valve For Stationary Mdls
    Whitehall Hydrolift For P-10-M
    Whitehall Hydrolift For E-15-M Whirlpool
    Whitehall Hydrolift For E-22-M Whirlpool
    Whitehall Mxt-1 Mixing Valve
    Washout Hose Attachment
    Auxillary Hose Drain Assembly
    Whirlpool Table
    Combination Table W/ Seats 20" Natural Oak
    Whirlpool Chair
    As low as $628.00
    Adjustable Suspension Seat 20"W Whirlpool
    Adjustable Suspension Seat 24"W Whirlpool
    Adjustable Supension Seat 24"W Lo-Boy Whirlpool
    Cash or Insurance Practice
    Tax Savings