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    Pelvis, Knee, Ankle & Foot Models

    We offer a wide variety of pelvic and lower extremity models to place in your office. Our selection of models include the hip joint, muscles of the foot and pelvis with ligaments. Our pelvic and lower extremity models are functional and realistic. This makes them great references for your practice. Buy Anatomical Models for the Pelvis, Hip, Knee, Ankle & Foot.

    Functional Knee Joint Model
    Four Stage Knee Model
    Deluxe Functional Hip Joint Model
    Muscled Knee Model
    3B® Flat Foot ModelNew
    Basic Knee Model W/Key Card 100
    Ankle/Foot Plantar Fasciitis W/ Key Card
    Left Foot & Ankle With Tibia And Fibula
    Right Flexible Foot & Ankle Skeleton
    Hip Bone, Right
    Pelvic Skeleton Male
    Hip Joint
    Deluxe Functional Knee Joint Model
    Femoral Fracture And Hip
    Muscled Leg With Knee - 3 Part
    Normal Foot
    Hollow Foot
    Functional Model Of The Knee Joint
    Foot & Ankle Functional Model
    Muscles Of The Foot Model
    Chiro Rocks Reno
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