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    GPI Anatomicals Anatomy Models

    GPI Anatomicals Anatomy Models is a leading manufacturer of anatomical teaching aids for science, training and patient education. The excellent quality of GPI Anatomicals Anatomy Models Products, manufactured by skilled and trained personnel, the extremely competitive value plus the uncompromising flexibility of processing the global customer requirements are the essential factors accounting for steadily increasing success.

    4 Stages Of Lumbar Degeneration - Model
     Mini Muscled Joint Set
    5 Piece Lumbar Vertebrae With Sacrum
    3 Piece Vertebrae With Key Card - Model
    Ankle/Foot Plantar Fasciitis W/ Key Card
    Shoulder Model W/Muscles And Key
    Hand/Wrist Carpal Tunnel Syndrome W/ Key Card
    Muscled Knee Model
    Deluxe Muscled Cervical
    Basic Knee Model W/Key Card 100
    Four Stage Knee Model
    Muscled Elbow Model
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