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    Bosu Balance Balls & Trainers

    Shop for Bosu products and equipment here, and experience enhanced balance, strength, flexibility, and toning in every workout. Bosu Balls and balance trainers are designed to work on a variety of isolated muscle groups to build better fitness and better results in no time.What is BOSU®? *Pronounced “Bo,” like the boy’s name, and “Sue,” like the girl’s name. What began as the launch of one of the most innovative products the fitness industry has ever seen, turned out to be just the start of a journey that continues to expand, shape and define functional training. Invented by David Weck, the BOSU® Balance Trainer debuted in 2000 and quickly became one of the most successful fitness training products in the world. Originally, the name “BOSU” was an acronym for “Both Sides Up.” It meant that the BOSU® Balance Trainer could be used on either side, the dome or the platform. Today, the term “BOSU” has evolved beyond the product to now mean “Both Sides Utilized,” a mindful approach to exercise that is a step beyond traditional training. This clarity of who BOSU is and what they want to offer inspired the development of additional BOSU® products and programming, all of which are grounded in exercise science and proven in real-life application.

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