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    Avalon Papers Disposable Drape Sheets & Exam Table Paper

    Maintain a sterile, safe environment for all of your patients with these Avalon Papers products. Shop here for disposable drape sheets and exam table paper to protect your clients’ skin and your equipment, as well. Avalon Papers products are soft, clean, and easily disposed of.

    Disposable Drape Sheets
    Premium Paper Pillow Cases, 100/Case, 21"X 30"
    Disposable Exam Gowns, 50/Case
    Drape Sheets, Tissue Exam,White, 3-Ply - 50/Case
    Drape Sheets, Tissue Exam,White, 40"x72" - 50/Case
    Disposable Drape Sheets, Blue, 40"x90" - 50/Case
     Tissue 3-Ply Towel, White
    Flat Crepe Sheet, Scale Liner, White, 18" x 24" - 1000/Case
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