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    Armaid Self Massage Tools - Deep Tissue Massage Tools on Sale

    Armaid Therapist Self Care Deep Tissue Massage Tool. This tool will extend your career by allowing you to give your own arms and hands an outstanding massage. This tool applies specific “active release” and “trigger point” therapy techniques with the power of leverage. Easily control the direction and pressure of therapy using the lever design. Armaid provides deep tissue massage that will loosen tight muscles, tendons and ligaments anywhere on the hand, wrist, forearm, tricep and bicep. This Scrip purchase comes with 2 interchangeable therapy rollers (White Roller - hard balls. Grey Roller - medium balls) and a supportive permanent roller.

    Armaid Therapist Self Care Tool
    Foam Roller Attachment For Armaid Self Care Tool
    Armaid® Orange Roller
    Armaid® Basic
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