SUPERfeet® BLACK vs CARBON: Which Insole Is Right For You?

You have probably gotten a pair of running shoes and maybe noticed that they're not very comfortable. Just like others, you may have gone ahead and bought another pair of running shoes. To your surprise, you noticed that the new pair of shoes are still uncomfortable. To provide the comfort you need, you can use SUPERfeet® BLACK or SUPERfeet® CARBON insoles. Below is a discussion of these insoles.

What Are SUPERfeet® BLACK Insoles?

SUPERfeet® BLACK insoles are low-profile insoles that are good for tight-fitting shoes. You can put them in your running shoes, casual, or dress shoes.

The Main Features of SUPERfeet® BLACK Insoles

  • SUPERfeet® BLACK insoles have a full-length foam that is of high density. When put in your shoes, they will cushion and support your foot, offering great comfort. They also offer reliable support for your feet.
  • These insoles have patented heel cups that provide maximum support to the feet and the entire body. These help provide stability to your feet.
  • They have a signature low-profile shape, which means they can help reduce stress in the ankles, knees, and feet. This shape is also responsible for the comfort that these insoles offer.
  • SUPERfeet® BLACK insoles have an all-natural coating that surrounds the insole insert. This coating helps eliminate odors, bacteria, and any organic substances that might be in the insoles. As a result, these insoles stay fresh all the time.
  • They have reinforced stabilizer caps that support the feet and make the foam layer more stable.
  • They are more flexible when compared with other SUPERfeet® insoles.
  • They do not easily lose shape. These insoles can even last for 500 miles without losing their shape.
  • You should buy SUPERfeet® BLACK insoles if you need insoles that you will not move from one pair of shoes to another.

Who Should Buy SUPERfeet® BLACK Insoles?

  • People who have difficulties wearing orthotic devices
  • People with feet that are extra sensitive
  • People who want to prevent the occurrence of foot ailments such as bunions, arch strain, and heel pain
  • People with high arches

What Are SUPERfeet® CARBON Insoles?

SUPERfeet® CARBON insoles are low-profile insoles made from ultralight foam and carbon fiber. They are designed to keep the heels in place while providing support to the legs. These insoles are light and thin and are good for racing and touring.

The Main Features of SUPERfeet® CARBON Insoles

  • SUPERfeet® CARBON insoles are thinner than SUPERfeet® BLACK insoles.
  • They are designed in a way that makes them stay in shape for a long time. As a result, they can stay in shape for up to 12 months.
  • SUPERfeet® insoles have stabilizer caps that are reinforced by a polymer and carbon-fiber blend known as EVOLyte. These caps provide a lot of support to the foam layer, and hence, support people’s feet.
  • They also have beveled-foam edges which makes them fit tightly into shoes.
  • A SUPERfeet® CARBON insole has a wide forefoot, which makes it able to be used in various footwear.
  • This insole has a heel that is structured in a way that helps it offer much support to the heel. This heel and forefoot keep people's feet fresh all the time.
  • There are foam perforations under the forefoot and midfoot of these insoles. These perforations improve the insoles' breathability and eliminate any odors that the insoles might have.
  • SUPERfeet® CARBON insoles would be a good option if you need to move your insoles from one shoe to another.

Who Should Buy SUPERfeet® CARBON Insoles?

  • Runners who need insoles that will support their feet when they're running
  • Cyclists who wear good-fitting shoes
  • People who stand for long hours

Differences Between SUPERfeet® BLACK and CARBON Insoles

  • SUPERfeet® CARBON insoles are constructed with less fabric than SUPERfeet® BLACK insoles. Therefore, they're thinner than the SUPERfeet® BLACK insoles.
  • Although the cushioned parts of both SUPERfeet® BLACK and carbon insoles are 1/16 of an inch thick, SUPERfeet® CARBON insoles have a squishier cushion body than SUPERfeet® BLACK insoles.
  • SUPERfeet® CARBON insoles are perforated while SUPERfeet® BLACK insoles are not. Therefore, SUPERfeet® CARBON insoles are thinner than SUPERfeet® BLACK insoles when pressed.
  • SUPERfeet® BLACK insoles repel odor more than SUPERfeet® CARBON insoles.
  • The heel cup of a SUPERfeet® CARBON insole is more structured than that of a SUPERfeet® BLACK insole. As a result, SUPERfeet® CARBON insoles support legs more than SUPERfeet® BLACK insoles.

How SUPERfeet® BLACK or SUPERfeet® CARBON Insoles Will Help You

SUPERfeet® BLACK or SUPERfeet® CARBON insoles will help prevent injuries. They will also prevent your feet from tilting slightly inward when wearing shoes with a poor arch. As a result, you can prevent injury to your ankle tendons or muscles.

These insoles will also absorb your feet pressure, hence, preventing regular discomfort and pain in your feet. As a result, you will not suffer from knee pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles pain, or toe pain. They will also increase the flexibility of your feet and make your shoes last longer.

How to Choose the Sizes of SUPERfeet® Insoles

When choosing the size of your SUPERfeet® insoles, you should consider the type of shoe you'll be placing the insole in. Features to consider are shoe size, your gender, and the arch type. The following are the Superfeet insole sizes that you should choose, depending on your shoe size.

  • If your shoe size is between 34 and 36, buy a size B SUPERfeet® insole.
  • If your shoe size is between 37 and 38.5, buy a size C SUPERfeet® insole.
  • If your shoe size is between 39 and 41, buy a size D SUPERfeet® insole.

SUPERfeet® insoles are some of the best insoles. You can buy a SUPERfeet® BLACK or SUPERfeet® CARBON insole depending on your profession, foot arch type, and the amount of comfort that you want. These two types of insoles offer different features, and your preference will depend on your needs.