Spenco® vs SUPERfeet® Insoles: Which Should You Buy?

When it comes to picking insoles for running, there are usually many affordable and high-quality options available. Some people need extra support, additional cushioning, and increased stability while they walk or run. Many insoles offer all of these at an affordable rate compared to expensive orthotics.

Spenco® and SUPERfeet® are some of the brands that come to mind when you want to pick an insole to carry out your daily functions. Making up your mind about which to choose can be a cumbersome game, but here are some ways to go about it.

Spenco® Insole

Spenco® was initially formed as a healthcare company in 1967 with a focus on individuals suffering from chronic pain or foot pronation conditions that made it difficult for these individuals to run.

Spenco® inserts are created using antimicrobial foam that supports the arch. Runners who use Spenco® insoles prefer them because they are prepared using soft materials and can last more than six months.

In addition to those benefits, they have shock absorption to help you avoid painful impact. Spenco® was one of the first companies to include shock absorbers in running shoes to reduce the impact on joints. The insoles change the foot's ground forces during activity by placing pods in varying degrees of hardness in your foot's critical areas.

Due to their affordability, Spenco® insoles can be used by runners of all levels.

SUPERfeet® Insole

SUPERfeet® is a global company that creates and designs its shoe inserts using podiatric medicine principles. It features a deep heel cup to improve performance and increase comfort for runners with flat feet. SUPERfeet® mainly uses foam and other synthetic materials. The company's primary target is people who experience joint pain and toe and ankle discomfort. SUPERfeet® contracts use medical experts to provide technical advice to make top-quality insoles so that your athletic activities are less strenuous.

The Similarities

SUPERfeet® insoles are made to look like shells that accentuate the arch and heel and that give stable support. To ensure that you have perfect body alignment, the insoles are made to keep the feet in the correct position. A thin layer of foam is placed on top of the shell for the wearer’s comfort, but there isn’t much in the way of cushioning. However, the brand does provide good stability and support for the arches and heels.

On the other hand, Spenco® provides cushioning and support. Some types of Spenco® insoles available offer great arch support and little cushioning. Other models offer complete support and midfoot cushioning. In some cases, models like Polysorb provide a lot of padding and high-quality cushioning.

To sum up, both brands create insoles that are great for runners and for people who might require additional support for arches and feet to maintain stability.

The Differences

As mentioned above, SUPERfeet® has a shell-like structure and does not offer a lot of cushioning. So, if you want to have added cushioning for high arches, you should go with Spenco® insoles. Some Spenco® insoles models contain extra padding in the arch, mid-foot, or forefoot. Other models, on the other hand, have padding under the entire heel.

SUPERfeet® has a thin layer of foam, and minimal or no cushioning makes them perfect for tighter running shoes or wearing them with sock liners. You can also wear some SUPERfeet® insole models with dress shoes. However, due to its plush padding, Spenco® can be worn with wider shoes.

SUPERfeet® are the best when it comes to providing low- or medium-range support, while Spenco® models are perfect for medium to higher support levels and for providing cushioning for people who need to improve the comfort of their shoes.

Runners who use Spenco® insoles have found it to have better arch support and to come in handy when treating chronic conditions. SUPERfeet® mainly specializes in making sure that runners avoid foot pain and provides a little more comfort for people who prefer light day jogs.

Spenco® insoles are thick to fit inside tight footwear, which may force some people to loosen their shoes when jogging. On the other hand, SUPERfeet® makes thinner insoles that can easily fit in any running shoes.


Both SUPERfeet® and Spenco® are suitable for runners who have mid to high arches. Spenco® offers support for traditional running shoes, while SUPERfeet® can go well with any type of shoe, from sneakers to dress shoes.

It is crucial to test insoles in your potential running or cross country shoes. It would be best if you also remembered that people have different unique foot shapes, and you need to consider this when selecting insoles. Both SUPERfeet® and Spenco® are great brands, so determine your unique needs before selecting one over the other.