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Powerstep vs Superfeet: Which Inserts Are Right For You?

The human feet consist of flexible joints, muscles, and soft tissues adapted to carrying weight, walking, and running. While a good pair of shoes is crucial, the perfect insole can help avoid discomfort. Unfortunately, with so many options on the market, finding the right fit can be challenging.

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Two popular brands that we carry at ScripHessco are Powerstep and Superfeet insoles. If you are still undecided, then you are in the right place. We compare the features of both products and help you make the right decision.

Common Reasons For Getting Insoles

Foot orthoses, or insoles, are inserts placed inside shoes or boots for a variety of reasons:


Although shoes can be a stylish addition to your outfit, above all else, they should be comfortable. But what happens when you love the look of a new pair of kicks and they’re not as comfortable as you would like? Well, that is a problem that can be solved with new insoles.

Orthotic insoles are made to fit different foot contours and lifestyles. The cushioning reduces impact when running or participating in active sports. Better comfort, flexibility, and fit improves your performance and also protects the health of your feet.

Arch Support

Although some people have naturally high arches, others develop them over time. Foot arch refers to the area at the bottom of the feet between the heel and the ball. People with high foot arches have a reduced foot surface area to absorb pressure and shock. This puts a lot of strain on the joints and muscles of the foot. High arches are associated with other problems as well, such as calluses, knee pain, and Achilles tendinitis. An insole that supports the arch ensures your body weight is evenly distributed to avoid such complications.

Extend Shoe Life

Impact when running contributes to most of the wear and tear on the soles of the shoes. Insoles provide cushioning between your feet and the shoes. This reduces the impact and the rate of wear and tear. However, a new insole won't help you if the shoes are already old. Insoles also help in maintaining the correct gait. This is helpful for people with a supinating or an over-pronating gait. Depending on the problem, insoles can correct walking postures. As a result, your soles are saved from excessive wear on one side.

Alleviate Foot Pains

The American Podiatric Medical Association estimates 77% of Americans experience foot disorders. Foot imbalance and sprains can lead to some nasty foot disorders, such as plantar fasciitis and bunions. These conditions cause considerable pain when walking, running, or jumping. With the wrong insoles, the problems will continue to worsen. Shoe insoles are made of materials that absorb pressure and shock when you move. Additionally, insoles allow for better flexibility for those that play sports. Just make sure you select the right insole for your lifestyle.

Types of Powerstep Insoles

Powerstep is one of the most recognized insoles brands in the market. In addition to having quality products, they have great options to choose from depending on your needs. Here are some common types of Powerstep insoles to consider.

Powerstep Pro-tech

Powerstep Pro-tech is a medical insole designed to help both men and women overcome foot pains. They come with a full-length insole with double-layered orthotics. These insoles offer semi-rigid arch support for those with medium and high arches. The Poron heel comfort cushion provides adequate support and comfort to last you throughout a busy day. Remember, these insoles are only to be bought through an authorized medical professional.

Powerstep Original

Powerstep Original was designed for people with flat feet or collapsed arches. This corner of the market rarely gets as much attention as the high-arched customers. As the name suggests, it was the first product from Powerstep and gave birth to all the rest. Powerstep Original's most significant advantage is its low profile. Because they are thin, you can fit them in any shoes, including those that don't have a detachable insole. They also come with arch support and heel cradle for flexibility. However, this insole is not for rigorous activities, such as running or sports.

Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles

Pinnacle insoles are made for both sexes. There are different variations of the product that can serve both men and women. The Pinnacle is made of synthetic material and has arch support for improved stability for wearers. The slightly angled heel in the Pinnacle gives the wearer greater control over their movement. The cushioning technology ensures that there is maximum comfort. Owning Powerstep's Pinnacle insoles save you from having to invest in multiple comfortable shoes. The antimicrobial upper fabric is a favorite among runners as it ensures the feet remain dry and aerated at all times.

Powerstep SlimTech ¾ Length Insole

Get all the support of Powerstep orthotic shoe insoles with more versatility. This ¾ length insert leaves more space at the toes so you can move them from all of your shoes without having to trim them. Featuring a low-profile cushion, built-in arch support and heel cradle, ultra-thin design, and a non-slip pad at the heel, these insoles provide targeted cushioning and increased stability in most low-profile shoes. Whether you’re suffering from over-pronation, plantar fasciitis, bunions, or ankle and knee pain, these are a great choice for everyday wear.

Types and Features of Superfeet Insoles

Superfeet insoles have been around a lot longer than Powerstep. They are one of the biggest and most trusted insole brands. Like their competition, they provide high-quality products for different needs. Here are some of their insoles.

Superfeet Green

Superfeet Green is a customer favorite and the first product by the company. This insole features a deep heel cup that offers maximum support. The high-profile shape also helps to stabilize and cushion the wearer's feet. It helps reduce stress on the ankles and knees. There are a total of four strategically placed shock absorbers that help alleviate various types of foot pain. The Superfeet Green also has a durable material, ensuring the wearer remains comfortable for as long as possible. Lastly, the odor control coating comes in handy for people who struggle with smelly feet. The coating eliminates the bacteria responsible for foot odors. The Superfeet Green is perfect for daily use.

Superfeet Orange

While the green is excellent, the Superfeet Orange is better suited for extensive use, such as running. This insole comes with great features like the narrow heel cup. Extra foam lends the insole improved shock-absorbing capacity. It is why the Orange insole is the best for high-impact activities. Other notable features include organic odor control coating, durable construction, and reinforced stabilizer cap. Besides outdoor activities, Superfeet Orange can also comfortably fit into other shoes with removable insoles like work boots. For extra high performance, the premium orange insoles are a better fit.

Superfeet Black

If you are looking for a versatile insole that you can switch between different shoes, then the Superfeet Black is what you need. This insole is thin and lightweight, making it easier to put in various types of shoes. The low arch support also makes it wearable by people with different arch heights. Like all other Superfeet insoles, the Black features an odor control coating, closed-cell foam, and durable construction. Although they are not as cushioned as the Orange, they are as comfortable. Adding one of these to your collection will indeed give you more options.

Superfeet Blue

Superfeet Blue is another excellent option if you are looking for something thin and lightweight. The main difference between the Blue and Black insoles is arch support. While black is designed for low-arched feet, the Blue caters to medium- and high-arched wearers. Like the black, they can be placed in almost any shoe due to their thin profile. Other features include antibacterial coating for odor control, durable construction, and strategically placed shock absorbers.

Superfeet Berry

Since women are more prone to a foot injury, the Superfeet Berry was designed for women who are always on their feet. Despite the similarities with the Orange, it was designed specifically for women. The deep narrow heel cup provides stability and cushion over long distances. Its high-impact foam forefoot also makes it great for intensive activities like running and jumping. And, of course, the insole is coated with antibacterial odor control material.

Comparing Superfeet Versus Powerstep

By now, you understand what each of these brands offers. However, there is still a lingering question. How do these two insole heavyweights compare? To make things easier, here is a direct comparison of their features.


When it comes to quality, very little separates the two brands. Both Powerstep and Superfeet offer their customers a wide range of products to choose from. You can get general everyday use insoles from both brands.

However, when it comes to medical insoles, we recommend that you consult a podiatric expert. The wrong insole can aggravate foot injuries and even cause back pain. Although Powerstep has made a name for itself as the number one choice for experts, you can get similar results with Superfeet products.

Comfort and Pain Relief

Comfort is another significant factor when buying an insole. Powerstep insoles are made of double-layered materials to maximize comfort. For instance, the Pro-tech has high cushioning and a slightly angled heel cradle for more movement control. The line of insoles also comes with an antimicrobial lining to control odor and friction.

Similarly, Superfeet insoles also prioritize user comfort, especially with the Superfeet Orange and Green lines. In addition to cushioning, the insoles also come with a cap stabilizer and heel cradle. Although both brands offer superb comfort, Superfeet comes out slightly ahead, though their insoles tend to take longer to break-in.


The quality of both brands is excellent. According to Superfeet, their insoles remain stable and comfortable for up to 12 months. Of course, this will depend on your lifestyle, as well as how often you use your insoles. The truth is that both brands score high when it comes to durability. Both their products are made of similar materials. Ultimately, it is how you take care of your insoles. As a result, we settle for a draw.


Both brands are impressive, but for different reasons. Powerstep's standout innovation is its shock-absorbing features, which also reduces friction and heat. On the other hand, Superfeet's insoles come with a feet-hugging foam that conforms to the profile of your feet. Both insoles deal with annoying foot odors using odor-control coating material. While Superfeet seems to offer more insole options, Powerstep steals the show with their SlimFit insoles. It is a close one, but Powerstep edges out Superfeet in this category.


Both Superfeet and Powerstep have a wide range of products that fit different shoe sizes. The thinner the insole, the more likely it will snuggly fit the inside of your shoes. For instance, the Powerstep Original is hailed for its versatility. You can quickly wear it with different shoes. Similarly, the Superfeet Black and Blue also have thin profiles. However, Superfeet insoles tend to run on the narrower end. This can be a problem for those with wide feet.

Final Thoughts

The debate on Powerstep vs. Superfeet insoles will probably not end anytime soon. We hope this article helps you make the right choice. Based on scoring, Powerstep seems to come out on top in innovation, sizing, and comfort. However, either of these two brands makes for a great console. It would be best if you found the right fit for your needs. We recommend consulting an expert such as a podiatrist to help you determine what type of insole is best for your feet.